Toshiba Tecra A4... how to format and reinstall windows???

I have a toshiba tecra A4 with windows xp preinstalled into the HD of the laptop. The preinstalled windows and drivers 'live' in a 2.4 Gb partiiton FAT 32 style.

How/Can I copy the 2.4 Gb worth of wondows xp and drivers onto a Blank DVD?

Then can I format the 2.4 Gb patition and use it as a D:> to store MP3s instead of just storing windows xp and drivers?
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  1. I think the best way to go about it is to back up all ur data ( documents, mp3s etc )! They are in the { c: } right?

    Get ur xp cd and slipstream sp2 .

    Format your HardDisk and while reinstalling windows create all the partions u need

    As regards to drivers fetch new ones from the internet

    i'm still newbie though
  2. I cannot start format on my toshiba tecra a4, which keys I should press while starting:s
  3. ok, i handled it but this time, probably drivers would be a problem for me, since i lost it :sarcastic:
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