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i have a 2.5" sata hd and i would like to buy a case to use it as an external hd.
i would like to know if it´s possible to buy a case with an usb plug instead of a sata plug, because i´m a student and will use it mostly at the university, where the desktops doesn´t have sata controller
i don t have any computer and would like to use it as simply as a pen drive
ther is such possibility?
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  1. Here is an enclosure


    Not sure about using it as a pen drive, i.e., don't know what you mean by pen drive
  2. Try this : Thecus N1050


    It comes with USB cable, battery power pack and even a one buttom copy function. Basically I use it as a 100GB pen drive to carry around. Very nice and easy to use, just plug in the 2.5 inch HDD inside the case and it's ready to go.
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