Two RAID Driver Questions

The P5LD2 Deluxe motherboard manual provides instructions on how to configure various RAID arrays using the Intel Matrix Storage Manager Option ROM Utility or the Silicon Image RAID Controller. Nowhere does it say that you have to install a RAID driver as part of the process.

1. Then why does the manual include the option of making an Intel ICH7 or a Silicon Image RAID Driver disk?

2. (Side question): Can someone confirm that if a P4 650 3.4GHz cpu is used, and a RAID driver was going to be made, the version to be made is the 64 bit RAID Driver, rather than the 32 bit RAID Driver?
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  1. Well, it gives a discription on each title. They just mass produce some of their cd's.

    There are also updates and crap. The problem i have is trying to run a RAID 0 with (2) 74MB raptors. I get a 0x0000007B error when getting to the "windows is now starting" part of the setup.

    Whats weird is all the devices except video and fans turn off! 8O

    I just did a huge bios flash on my MB. The friken thing was 500kb! Most flashes i see are dinky 50-100kb and not even that 1/2 the time.

    So, i am going to try installing WinXP agian. If i failed, time to contact asus on this issue.

    Note: i've done a google search for this issue and other owners with hitachi hd's have had this issue. But, with hitachi HD's, i guess you can change what the default raid setting is on the HD? Weird.

    Amazing what an update to the bios does. Well, i am now a proud owner of a computer that runs raid 0 on 2 raptor HD's.
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