What Motherboards are 65nm compatible?

hi guys im thinking about getting a pentium d 805 and overclocking it to a good clock speed, say 3.8-4Ghz (i know the basics of overclocking but havent built a system before) can anyone suggest any good MOtherboards that will allow me to overclock the 805. i was thinking about this one:



for £65 from techfeaver http://www.techfever.co.uk/products.asp?partno=7502
also i would like like the motherboard to be 'futre proofed' for conroe when it comes out and dual core cpu ready if i purchase a 65 nm (dual core)cpu if you know of any better motherboards. also the mobo i was thinking about is sli compatible so i would prefer, if you guys can know of a better one for uner £70 it would be a joy :)
thanks in advance !
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  1. MUST it be SLI?

    If not a Abit IL8 or Abit aw8 max 3 are nice boards.

    If you want SLI and you have a 9xx CPU go for the P5N32 SLI.
  2. the only board (that is currently shipping) which has confirmed conroe support is the Intel D975XBX Revision 304. Asus has announced 965 chipset based boards but they aren't available yet.
  3. Quote:
    the only board (that is currently shipping) which has confirmed conroe support is the Intel D975XBX Revision 304. Asus has announced 965 chipset based boards but they aren't available yet.

    Whats conroe support got to do wiff OCing an 805? Will a conroe ready MB OC the 805 better? Wouldnt it be a waste to spend so much money on a conroe ready MB when you just want bang for buck results on the 805 NOW????

    I think if you are going to get the 805 and OC just get an asus or abit mb.

    If you want to buy a conroe later get a mb that will suport the conroe when the conroe comes out.
  4. he said he wanted a board that he could use to OC an 805 and that would also support Conroe. No such board (as of today) exists. The only board with confirmed Conroe support as of the moment I am writing this, is the Intel D975XBX rev 304, which from what i've been told is not overclocker-friendly.
  5. the P5ND2-SLI is a good board but the bios version 601 is to recent for local stocking to be supportive of the 805.
    the board in my sig is a little expensive but very solid with intel chipset975X it ships ready .
    whats your price range.

    and you boys quit that fighting. :lol:
  6. i think that it would be nice to pay around £70 for the mobo but i could stretch to something like £90 but anythin g over i wount be able to buy as im thinking about building a complete system for around £600 (i think that i will use conroe e6600 now instead of geting a 805) anyone have any good ideas of a good ssytem for this price range (i sorta know that its probably not enough money to build a system, but can you guys help me please :oops: )

    the system will need to be overclockable and i could probably buy a cheap graphics card and then replace it when directX 10 arrives (and vista)! thus meaning i could spend the money on more important things (like a mobo tht'll overclock well )
    thanks guys :)
  7. does anyone know/recomend any good online retailers to get my computer components from? ive been on loads of sites and one i find some of the components i want bar one in another i might find hardly any of the products that i would like to buy also i need a r4etailer that isnt too expensive. thanks :)
  8. in my opinion your buget will leave you with a lessor mobo.
    you need a good overclocker to get stable results .
    the P5ND2-SLI might be ok to get you started in the right direction if you can borrow a celeron to get it to post .then flash the bios for 65nm support (its still a beta)
    if you wait a while and save a little extra. then you can think about the Core 2 cpu.
    the mobo and ram alone will eat your buget.
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