How To Meet Women Playing WarCraft

How to Meet Women Playing WarCraft was a very funny article, however it would be nice to know where we can actually see the other pictures of this WoW female player! Anyone know where they can be found? Thanks..:)
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  1. lame

    <A HREF="" target="_new">"Like a scrotum, there it is in a nutshell."</A>
    <font color=red>Roll Tide!</font color=red>
    <A HREF="" target="_new">-={Apathetic As<i></i>shole.}=-</A>
  2. yeah, it'd be nice to see some more pics of her. She looked kinda wierd tho, the stocking made it look really wierd... I didn't know what was going on at first there, lol...
  3. Ok newbies and strangers need not post this.

    Before you post, understand that it was an isolated case which was funny.

    We have enough pervs here already:

    need not apply.
  4. I once farted on a night elf babes face and she spat on me......i was a troll, then she killed me....does that count?

    You guys should really try e-harmony...they do some crazy hooking up shaznat. Or grow some balls and go to a club.

    <i>I'm a Sneakytiki!!!</i>
  5. O my, it's newbie Fright Night [/switches channel]


    <font color=red>New World Order stolen. If anyone knows about the whereabouts of it, please contact me via PM. Friendly reminders on forum rules or etiquette are not appreciated.</font color=red>
  6. Coming from the guy in Connecticut.. yeah. I'll stick to the big parties towns myself. You're the one wanting to see pictures of her.

    I go out way too much as is.. but you wouldn't know that, since you're trying to find pictures of some guy's wife who wanted a game.. and even then, the article said it was only one picture.

    But why am I bothering? You're an idiot and I don't want to be beaten by your experience.
  7. you pale in comparison to wingding.

    go tell your alien brothers, that ronnie cordova says they're gay!!! <A HREF="" target="_new"> sock baby </A>
  8. OMG...

    <font color=blue>War</font color=blue> <font color=orange>Eagle</font color=orange> 13-0!
  9. well yeah thats why he's a wingding and im a sneakytiki

    <i>I'm a Sneakytiki!!!</i>
  10. Her name is 'ARWENS'

    Level 60 Undead Priest on Blackrock.

    permission to post granted:
    <A HREF="" target="_new">ARWENS!!</A>

    <font color=blue>******
    <font color=green>"My Memory is not working today"
    <font color=blue>AIM SoCaliCrowley
  11. That is not her.
  12. lol ya dude go look at some porn then, i guess gameing wife chicks are your fettish heh. i dont even have to look at the article to understand this shizt. and ya leave.... spare the once we were all noobs crap to ya nOOb. Buh Bye dont mind me im just drunk :) have a happy night

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  13. hahahaha
  14. This kind of post *almost* makes me want to roll a female night-elf and then wait for someone to try to cyber with me, and then go along with it for a while just so I can say "HAA! HAAA!! I'm a dude! I have a p33n! Welcome to the Internet! Do you feel dirty?"

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