Comparing 3yr old Xeon 2ghz to new P4 3Ghz & 800FSB

I have a customer that has a bad Dell board and they wanna sell him a whole new Xeon system to replace his current unit @ a cost of 1600.00

I suggested maybe upgrade to the E510 with upgraded PCI-e board too.
Dell told him his 3yr old Xeon 2.0ghz will run circles around a new P4-3Ghz.

Is this true and are there benchmarks or docs I can show him?

thanks so much in advance....
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  1. Dell salespeople dont know jack.
  2. Quote:
    Dell salespeople dont know jack.

    Yes, but you can train them to give you free LCDs and other dell stuff, thats what I do. Just don't let them in unless they have a LCD for you to "Test Out" I have 20 free dell memory sticks.
  3. Maybe if he has like a dual processor or quad processor system and it's a 3.06 GHz P4 the first one to break the 3 GHz barrier, then maybe. Otherwise, no.
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