Best motherboard for dual 940 Opteron?


Picked up a couple of Opteron 850's cheap, so now looking for a motherboard to put them in. Have been looking at the Tyan S2877 boards

Just wanted to ask the difference between the G2NR and ANRF. They look identical as far as I can see, but with a different LAN connector. Is that all???


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  1. i would like some info on this topic as well

    Anyone use anything they found good?

    Any that will run dual core opterons (i want i want i want....waiting for conroe and 4x4 is sooooo hard)
  2. uh OK, the S2887 GSNR has graphics but no audio on board, and the A2NF has audio but no graphics on board. Thanks! Lot of nice boards there, but bit confusing to choose from...

    Can I do better than one of these boards for a pair of opty 850's? I'll be wanting do multi-monitor stuff, such as realtime charting of incoming data, as well as several instances of trade execution platforms, while running some data-crunching backtesting in the background.

    I guess I'd go for the on board with audio/no graphics, then drop a multi-monitor card in or something.


  3. Yes, getting confusing now...

    the Tyan website says S2887 boards support the 200 series Opteron. It appears the only board that supports the 850 is the Quad processor board. Is this correct?


  4. ever considered Supermicro? they got this great Opteron MB for 850


    this quad MB is meant for a 1U server - 1U server with quad opteron is unheard of.

    I bought some Supermicro stuff from and they've got some real good Supermicro prices. just type H8QCE in their search box and you will get their price. i believe the H8QCE is a bit over $1K
  5. than me recommending...a board.....


    excellent info....
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