A Little help with water cooler please?! (this is my first)

Hello everyone.

I just purchased a Thermaltake Bigwater SE 12 cm Cooling system for my emachines computer. I know its not the best computer to have and at that its 3 years old, but I have changed out allot of the components to better hardware.

My computer currently has:

AMD Athlon 2600 Thurogbred core
2G of Corsair RAM
ATI X800 XT AGP Platinum
Creative Labs Audigy X-Fi Platinum
2 X Maxtor drives @450G

Beint that its a microtower and an emachines lol, I felt that the only way to keep this thing cool was by replacing the old fan and addig a water cooled based system. I also want to oc my cpu as it can reach near the stats of an AMD 3200.

I have no idea how to install this lol so a friend told me that there was a video on this website that provieds step by step's to building or putting together a water cooled system. I tried looking for it but cant find it. Would someone be kind enough to pass me the link?

Also this thing came with a big 5.25 device to place the coolant. is there any way I can remove this and add a smaller component due to the fact that i only have 2 drive bays and they are currently occupied by my dvd and soundcard panel.

Will this cool simply my cpu or other hardware aswell? i really would love to use this for my video card and hardrives. Is there a way to do this?

Also is this a good thermal solution, brand, system?

Thanks for your time!

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  1. anyone? :roll:
  2. You're going to have to lose that case dude, and your E-Machine is now 3 years old , very close to the end of it's productive life.
    If you reduce the water supply you're reducing the effective cooling of your kit, don't do it.
    Time for a new case, hopefully that won't die soon, they usually do.
  3. Sorry you haven't gotten more replies with your post...

    For starters, I think your case is DEFINITELY working against you... not even a single free bay? Man, that sucks. Also, since that's a 120 mm radiator with that kit, where on earth on your case will it mount? The mantra "you get what you pay for" definitely applies to eMachines... and your case's expandability (or lack there of) is proof of that.

    I'm not sure what sort of budget you're working against, but strongly consider a new case (assuming your optical drives will fit in a standard case)

    I am familiar with the kit you're talking about and I passed over it mainly due to its poor performance in various benchmarks and reviews I'd seen online... that one radiator just doesn't have the ability to cool the fluid. However, it should still be a fun project for you.

    I have a Big Water 745 by Thermaltake and I had to get a larger case to accommodate it... I went with a Thermaltake Kandalf and overall I'm happy with it... yes, it was expensive, but I plan on using it with at least my next system and maybe even one after that. I looked at it as an investment instead of an expensive case.
  4. well the only thing thats left that is emachines is the mobo and the case.

    Im planning on building a machine in a bout 6 months so i figured this could help for now.

    I am running nothing more then my regular CPU Fan
    and my temps are currently

    Hard Drives 42
    CPU 44
    GPU 53
    Mobo 38

    I figured that by replacing the fans on my gpu and cpu and place this system might help. Asfar as the radeator, it mounts behind the computer just fine.

    Is this system water cooling system a POS? I figured it was good since it retails at 145 dollars and thermaltake is a pretty good brand.
  5. I have that water cooling system and I am very happy with it. What I unfortunately found with it was that when installing it into my Antec Sonata II case was that the radiator was in the way of my video card. If you can at least get the fan attached to the back I used some zip ties to get the radiator to attach to the fan. As for your issue with no drive bays, you'll need to remove the innards of the unit and try to find somewhere nice to put it in your case. I'm not sure, but I'd guess you want to have it higher then your pump since that's how it's designed to go. It's possible to get that cooling unit into a small case, the Sonata II is no large one, you'll just need to go a little ghetto on the installation. As for installation videos and what not, I haven't seen any, but did find the instructions that came with the unit to be helpful enough so I'd try those first. Good luck.
  6. I got a BigWater 745 for $149... it has two radiators, a reservoir that doesn't mount in a bay and a more powerful pump... the external radiator is a bit of a bummer, but I was willing to accept that for better cooling.

    I don't have a link handy, but my memory tells me that kit you have is comparable to a really good heatsink/fan combo. I don't consider that to be a POS... just not what I was looking for... and hey, wasn't it fun to assemble?
  7. i found that there is enough space to place the water reservoir that goes in the 5.25 bay on the bottom space of my case near the front of the computer. would it be ok if i place it there? or does it have to be elivated to work properly? Also being that this pump only pushes 90 LPH and has only 1 radiator, would i be able to attach a water block to my ATI X800 XT all-in-wonder video card wihtout over heating it?

    I almost feel like i bout the wrong cooling system cuz of the drive bay reservoir, 1 radiator and the lack of power from the pump.

    Will this system be enough to cool my system?

    Thanks again everyone!
  8. My reservoir actually sits at the bottom of my case so I don't think its elevation should be a problem. You should do some sort of burn-in test to max out your CPU and document its temperature... adding any device to your cooling loop (GPU, motherboard chipset, etc) will ultimately raise that temperature. If you're already running near your max, don't add any devices to your loop... if you're remaining at a comfortably low temp, why not give it a shot?
  9. I have in my case for cases is drilled all the rivets out and used all the parts of the case to build my own from wood, currently I have 3 computers in my house "Kid now almost need one" anyways start with the bottom and place all the parts you took from the old case and arrange them around so that everything fits nicely allowing room for air flow most of you know what I have so no need for pic unless really need to. Jig saw is the only tool needed also a drill. My anti is emachines dell hP they sell crap
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