HD speed based on RPM or Mbps?

I am building a new system and wondering what is better and what the difference is: a 1000RPM HD (raptor) @ SATA 150 or a 7200RPM drive @ Sata 300??? Basicaly what limits you on the speed of access and such for performance?
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  1. The rotational speed is one of the larger performance factors in HDD's.

    The SATA feature set rather than the transmission speed takes precedence in the interface from what I've read.
  2. No single drive is going to hit 150, let alone 300, so don't judge by that.
  3. Ok, yea thats what i thought but wasnt sure. Thanks for the info.
  4. Also how much crap you have on the drive and how fragmented it is and how many times you partition it will all effect performance as well.
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