Non-SLI card or non-GPU device in second PCIe x16 slot?

I have a KN8-SLi and I was curious about the following two things:

1. Can I put a second GPU not in SLi setup in the second PCIe x16 slot and have it work correctly?
2. Can I put a non-GPU device (such as a PCIe x4/x8 RAID card) in the second slot and have it work correctly?
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  1. Yes, you can support 2 cards for up to 4 monitors. To do that, you have to flip the little card on the board to the "SLI" position. That does NOT enable SLI, but instead splits the pathways for the first slot, to make half of them available to the second slot. SLI is actually a driver setting.

    As for putting a smaller card in there, you can do that too. Some boards make the slot x1 when the paddle card is in "non-SLI" position, other boards disable it. Either way, to get more than x1 you have to flip the card to "SLI", which as I said doesn't actually enable SLI, it just sets the pathways to x8.
  2. of coz u can, u can put 2 GPU without using the SLI setup.
  3. I am not entirely sure of this but does the KN8 even have the flip card?
    i thought it was automatic (not sure)
  4. The KN8-SLi does have the shadow card. It is required for a single GPU to function, as I have found out.
  5. To answer your 2nd question, you put a raid card in the PCI slot. :D
  6. becarful with that flip card it is tricky to switch
    i had a k8n sli and i thought i was going to break it
    when i flipped mine
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