sapphire x800 gto problem..

hi.. im kind of new to this.. i just got reatial x800 gto card..
before i flashed it, i verifed everything through ati tools for the strigns and it mached.. heres the problem
i tried flashing with flashrom which doesn't seem to work at all...
then i tried atiflash and it seemed like it worked but the monitor will not turn on...
it doesn't beep or anything..
also, i edit the bin files where i changed the string to "60" to open all pipes..and saved it in hex editor.. can anyone post their modified 16 pipe bin file with stock clock speeds..
or maybe someone can help me and tell me what im' doing wrong.
also, im' running win xp pro sp 2 ep 8rda+ mobo also installed ati cats 6.5..
1 more thing, i also tried using the techpowerup's bin for for 16 pipes. when i download it i just renamed it to 16pipe...
thanks in advance.
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  1. Dude :D

    I have a Sapphire X800GTO (Newegg) that I flashed the BIOS on to unlock the 4 additional pixel pipes ... works like a champ :) As I cannot find any way to "attach" a file on the forum post, send me your email addr and I'll forward you the BIOS bin file I used ... got it from a Scandinavian Dude :D I'd considered hacking the existing R430 BIOS, but never having done that sort of thing before I figured it'd be easier to get a BIOS from someone else who "certified" it as working.

    The X800GTO replaced my Nvidia 6600GT, which croaked due to HSF separation from the GPU. The difference is quite noticable in gaming ... HL2. With the X800GTO I picked up about 5-6 FPS ... doesn't sound like much, but NOW I run the max video settings in HL2 except for AA (4x) whereas with the 6600GT I had to run lower settings across the board. Also, the R430 will not OC much, if any at all, but that's really a "so what" if ya' get the max a game offers :D
  2. I was also wondering if you experienced teh same problem i did..??
    sent you an email and pm :)
  3. hmm.. does anyone else have any suggestions.. I'm kind of waiting for either the bios or any suggestions.. thanks
  4. To flash it back (never done this before, only read about it, so if i am saying something wrong, please correct me) you need a pci card (or your onboard graphics if your have them).

    Insert the pci card then go to your bios en put the pci card to the "display card" so your pc will use your pci card (also connect your monitor to the pci card). Then you need your old bios of the video card. And flash it back (since you already tried you know how). Then you go to your bios again and put your agp/pcie card to the "display card". Then everything should be back to normal.

    Hopefully it helped a bit
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