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Question on partitions

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June 3, 2006 6:05:06 PM

Hi, I am definitly a novice so decided to ask before fatelly clicking. My HD's are partitioned :c d e f g h. With c being the drive where the OS resides I thought I gave it plenty of room but lately I have had an interest in photos and not thinking I see my c drive rapidly filling up. Is there a certain way I can move my photos located in my doccuments to one of the other partitions? I have 2 HD's an 80 containing the OS and a 60. Any advice would be appreciated! c is alotted 11 gb would it be better to can one of the partitions and give the space to c?
thanks Dennis

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June 3, 2006 6:57:46 PM

---Cut and Past Partition and Backup Strategy Rant ---
Here are my personal prefrences

Fastest Hard Drive has two NTFS partitions C: and D:
All other Drives get one NTFS partition.
I don't touch any virtual memory settings.

C: for OS, ALL installed software, maybe 10-30Gb depending on how many large games/apps you plan to install.

Nothing ever gets downloaded and saved to C: That way you can restore C: from a back and instantly fix any software problem without having to worry about overwriting important files.

D: all remaining space on fastest drive.

I create a folder on D: for each user account. By default I select Windows User as an account name. That way all the users most important files are in one place for easy backup.

I create "Windows User's Folder" on D:. I relocate the My Documents and Destkop folders there. I use Firefox and Thunderbird for Web/Email and keep their profiles in this same folder. IE/OE users can move their favorites and email store folders to D:

All non-critial important files can go anyone except C: and the user account folders on D:


Regular partition backups are make of C: Using True Image 9 Home edition. Named 2006-06-06-03- and split at 1.45 GB so they fit neatly on a DVD-ISO disc. The trailing - is for the part numbers.

Regular file/folder backups are make of the Windows User Folder using EMC's Retropect 7.5, along with any important stuff on C: that cannot be moved to D:

Retrospect allows me to not only restore my financial spreadsheet, but to pick which version of the spreadsheet I want to recover. So if I think I deleted something accidentally two months ago I recover the version from three months ago.

If you don't need the advanced features or retrospect you can make backup by just copying Windows User's Folder and appending the word backu and the date to the folder name.

If there is a 2nd HD thats the prefered destination for backups, otherwise just use D:. Transfering the backups to DVD+RW is advised, how often you do this depends on how important your data is to you.

If C: is running low on space I resize the partitions using Partion Magic 8, but only after making sure that my OS and important files are backed up on either a 2nd hard drive or to DVD+RW just in case.

My personal setup is a 74 GB Raptor with C: and D: partitions and two 400 GB WD RAID Edition HD's in RAID 1 config.

PS this is clearly labeled as a RANT, if you read it anyway you have no cause to complain about its lenght or its opinionated nature. :) 

Feel freely to complain about the spelling; and grammer is done so makes you hap[y.
June 3, 2006 7:36:03 PM

Depending on your software, most have a option for "Default File location" just change it to your new loaction. Then just copy the files over to your new loaction.
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June 3, 2006 8:12:44 PM

Thanks to both of you for your thoughts. complaints Rant on as long as it is helpful and it was! Just scared me a little 8O not.

thanks again!!

Dennis in pasadena
June 3, 2006 8:33:28 PM

If your running winpows XP then the simplist solution would be to :

Right click on 'My Documents' and then select properties. From there you can change its location. Just remember to check that the new partition has enough space.