how to save some cash on your next purchase.......

Hi guys & girls
Just a quick message to get a little feedback to see what you all think.

This is not a post to sell anything (I hate wankers who spam and post that sort of crap in forums).

Bit of background on myself:

I used own a computer retail store (specialising in pcs, workstations, servers, peripherals, etc). I worked with all the major hardware suppliers, and have personally built over a thousand units.

At the start (1997) it gave me a real kick to help people with their purchases (show them what components to use, how to use software for their business's, how to setup the net for their kids, etc)

But basically as things went on ........
I started to feel that the industry had become a very dirty one.

Margins were getting squeezed, and because of this - computer dealers started resourcing to dirty tactics to sell units (they started resembling used car salesmen instead actually helping people!).

Bad quality components, faulty components, bad customer service, the list goes on.

In the end I decided to leave and pursue work in webpage design instead.

I'm thinking of publishing a book which would contain heaps of info on the computer industry, like:

* how to buy components (motherboards, CPU's, videocards, etc etc) just above cost price!
* all the dirty tricks being used by the scam artists used to fool people into buying dodgy pc's!
* how to save on the cost of pc's and peripherals for life!
* and lots of other usefull stuff.

Basically a book to show people how to save money in lots of different areas over the life of your pc (and all the upgrades and extras you buy along the way)

What do you guys/girls think??

Would it be usefull to anyone??

Any feedback (positive or negative) would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
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  1. This sounds a lot like the Dummies book that I bought when I built my own comp for the first time. I think it'd be great to let the common consumer be aware of the scams retailers try to pull just to suck em dry. I'd go for it!
  2. It might expose the amount of money a buyer would spend for:

    PC + S"@*loads of useless software + peripherals they use once!

    Rather than being asked what they use computers for and then trying to give them the best PC + Monitor for their budget!

    Publish it mate!

    Heatsinks, fans & whisky...Everythings Cool! :wink:
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