Does anyone have any reviews on the difference in quality between the GeForce2Go, GeForce4go, and ATI Radeon Mobility 7500. Though techinally I just want to know how the Geforce4go stacks up against the other 2.

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  1. y0, from what i've heard, geforce4 go is about twice as good as the geforce2 go. and the geforce4 and ati radeon 7500 are about equal, except for image quality and power usuage (radeon is better on these). Hopefully Pentium 4's will be coupled with these GPU's soon.
  2. As of now the only laptop with a geforce 4 go is a Toshiba Satellite 5005 S507. That laptop only gives you 32 megs of RAM instead of 64 and the memory interface probably runs at 64 bits instead of the 128 that the Geforce 4 Go can be equipped with. So the comparisons so far between the Geforce 4 Go and the ATI 7500 Radeon mobility aren't really as fair as one would want them to be.

    One comparison I saw was the ATI 7500 (with 64 megs of RAM and 128 bit interface) equipped Dell laptop beating the Toshiba in the 3D mark by about 300 points. When a fully stacked Geforce 4 Go (64 megs, 128 bit memory interface) is put in a laptop it's a pretty safe bet that it will beat the ATI 7500 in image quality and frames per second. I haven't read enough to say anything about power consumption though. I'd think that it would be close enough to go for the mobile graphics chip with the better 3D mark score.

    I'd wait a month or so. Then you'd probably have a better choice.
  3. You have to remember that all of these laptops involved have only a Pentium 3 processor. I saw the ATi Radeon Mobility 7500 64 MB with a Pentium 4 2.0 GHz, with the same options as the Toshiba 5000-s507 at The ProStar 5694. It's the SAME PRICE as the Toshiba, perhaps a hundred or two more. But it's double the speed. What would you buy then?
  4. Quote: "It's the SAME PRICE as the Toshiba, perhaps a hundred or two more."

    Um...HAHAHAHA. i.e. The northwood is the same as the AXP 2k+ it just cost about 300 more. HAHA

    My computer is slower than molasses.
  5. They dont have Athlon XP in a laptop, genius.
  6. Pyro, you do realize I was comparing the two things right? It doesn't mean the AXP is in a laptop. Heh...:)

    My computer is slower than molasses.
  7. Well actually it's 89 dollars more for a P4 2.0 GHz Northwood in a laptop, isn't that better than a 1.1 GHz P3?
  8. Hey I'm backing off...Just pointing out a funny oxymoron in your post.

    My computer is slower than molasses.
  9. Like I said wait a few months... right now Dell offers the Geforce 4 go 64 megs with a P4 in a laptop granted the highest speed for the CPU is 1.7 gigs but I'm sure they'll offer a 2.0 gig soon enough. Also the CPU in that Prostar laptop isn't specifically labeled as a mobile chip. I wouldn't buy a laptop that uses a desktop version of a CPU because of the heat and battery life issues. Prostar has sold desktop PIII's in laptops before. I know someone who has one.

    btw I'd still buy a laptop with a geforce 4 Go in it. even with the 300 mhz disadvantage in CPU speed.

    I just went to Intel's site. As of now (7:30 p.m. eastern time 4 March 2002) the fastest mobile P4 processor is 1.7 GHZ. That means the Prostar you mentioned has a desktop processor; too hot and too power hungry.

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  10. Currently it seems to be very hard to find a comparison between the Geforce4 440 Go and the Mobile Radeon 7500.

    Apparently, the testers have either a deal with ATI or Nvidia and only "promote" one chipset instead of comparing both chipsets against each other. For example, does Tom's Hardware have a deal with ATI?

    Moreover, the only relevant benchmarks would be gaming benchmarks which compare notebooks equipped with a mobile P4: you can only see the real advantage of the new chipsets when using this configuration. Application benchmarks or benchmarks with a P3 do not say anything.

    Maybe the 3D Mark 2001 helps to compare both chipsets. Tom's Hardware has benchmarked the IBM with 4560. The Dell Inspiron 8200 with Geforce4 was benchmarked by,3040,e7111868,00.html

    It scored better: 4975. Please also note that the Geforce4 chipset in the Dell apparently runs with only 175Mhz (see the Dell website). The ordinary specifications of the Geforce4 440 Go are much higher. Maybe a heat problem?



    P.S.: I will probably go for the Toshiba Satellite 5105 S607. It has only 32meg VideoRAM but offers the most for the money (including a fast display with wide viewing angles and a 5400rpm harddrive which is very important). I do not believe that it makes a huge difference whether a Geforce4 440 Go is equipped with 32 or 64 megs of RAM.
    What do you think? Does it matter whether a desktop geforce4 mx is equipped with 32 or 64 megs? (A Toshiba Satellite 6100 Prototype with only 16megs RAM and a 64bit Geforce4 420 Go was still very fast in a another benchmark which I cannot find again ;-)


  11. THG is not on anyones payroll. Some may disagree, but if you want answers, why not ask some questions before posting some stuff like this.

    Just to clear up a few points that you seem confused on.

    We have a good relationship with both nVidia and ATI. Both of their mobile groups are supporting our efforts.

    Since we are new to doing mobile, you have to understand that notebooks are a lot more expensive than parts. Most companies have a limited number of review units that are in their "review pool" this leads to a problem when a hot unit arrives and everyone one wants to review it.

    When the GeForce4Go arrived, we asked Toshiba to provide us with a unit. Toshiba via their PR firm said that at this time they had to review units to offer. As soon as we can provide one, we will. Many THG readers Emailed me after the I wrote the 7500 mobility article and asked this question. If you Email me, I would have sent you an Email that said, we are trying to get one, as soon we have one we will review it. I went as far as to provide someone you could Email at Toshiba about the situation.

    We will be reviewing a GeForce4Go unit as soon as one arrives. We have been contacting everyone possible to get one, but because notebooks are so expensive, companies don't just take them out of inventory and send them to us for review, they have to come out of the systems that they have set aside for review only. This why it is difficult to sometimes get units. If you have thoughts or suggestions on which nVidia GeForce4Go notebook we should review, you should email the vendor and tell them to Email us and we will review it right away.

    We are in the process of putting togeather a Pentium 4m notebook round up, and when we do run it you will see a variety of units, but only the units that the companies choose to send. If a company can not send a unit or doesn't want to send a unit for review we can not force them to do so. It is a well known fact that ATI has more design wins, at the moment than nVidia so, it is easier to get products with ATI Mobility Radeon 7500 in them at the moment than the GeForce4Go.

    What we suggest is that you Email the companies and tell them that THG readers are important and need to have access to the latest notebooks first, rather than having to wait in the endless line for revew units. As we saw with THG readers Emailing Samsung over the Flat Pannel Monitor review, when THG readers band togeather and Email a company, it is strage how one all of a sudden appears for review.

    As far as you comments about the benchmarking process, with the A31p review, we tried to present a number of benchmarks that would allow you no only to compare the graphics performance, but the performance between the PIIIm and the P4m which we thought we did well. - You have to also understand that we got the unit on short notice as an exclusive and we didn't have that much time to look at it, but it was the first P4m review to arrive with any good solid numbers.

    If you have thoughts on additional benchmarks, you should Email us and let us know.
  12. Hi dstell,

    I am glad that you took the time to reply to my posting. I found your infos quite interesting.

    But please let me provide you with the following clarifications:

    I visit THG for several years and I like it.

    I did not allege that THG is on ATI's payroll but I asked a question (like you suggested). So why did I ask? Well...I feel that THG's reviews (like many other reviews) are not that critical anymore like in the past. I consider it rather unlikely that you are on someone's payroll but I am concerned that THG does not dare to write critical reviews anymore because, for example, this would impair your ability to obtain one of the rare test units. In particular, the Mobile ATI Radeon article could have been written by ATI's PR department. For instance, you called the ATI solution "the current "best in class" graphics performance" although the Geforce4 440 Go at that time was already (or as good as already) released but not tested yet.

    Another example: In the IBM A31p article, for instance, you have left open the question whether IBM will ever fully support the power management features of the mobile Radeon. I believe this is a very important question for someone who wants to buy this unit and I wished that you have been more critical about this issue.

    I also understand that you cannot offend each and every hardware producer. Thus, it is necessary to find the right balance. But currently I feel that you need to take care that THG preserves "arm's length distance" to the manufacturers.

    As regards your benchmarks. I did not critize them at all. On the contrary, they were quite helpful. I believe that they support my statement that it is necessary to run gaming benchmarks or at least 3D benchmarks on a P4 machine if you want to compare the Radeon and the Geforce4 chipset. In other words, there is nothing wrong with your benchmarks: you did accurately show the difference between a p3 and a p4 machine.

    I hope that it won't take too long until we also get the opportunity to see the difference between the two graphics chipsets.


  13. ^ Actually, the Athlon4 (which is in Laptops) almost
    ^ identical to the AthlonXP
    | (",)

    "The answer to life's problems aren't at the bottom of a beer bottle, they're on TV."
  14. Have anyone get a chance to compare Compaq Presario 2800 to Dell Inspiron 8200? They both are pretty much the same, P4, DDR ram, except compaq uses ATI 7500 64DDR and Dell uses Geforce4o 64DDR. I really want to find out if Geforce 4GO 64 DDR is better than ATI 7500 64DDR.
  15. Well I have the Toshiba S507 which has the GeForce4 GO card in it and have found it quite pleasing.

    It's 3DMark 2001SE benchmark is 3820. I haven't tried overclocking it yet, but I'm sure I can squezze some more performance out of it. That's on a Windows XP Professional OS, and with 512 MBs of RAM on a P3 1.1 Ghz system.

    Hope that helps some, its a great laptop.
  16. Hey pandor, I was looking at that notebbok and while the features are exactly what I'm looking for, the only problem is that it is a P3, not P3-M. I've heard that the battery lasts only 2 hours, what has your experience been so far? Thanks!
  17. Well, the battery life is kinda short, about 2 hrs, but for what I use it for battery life wasn't a purchasing concern, could always get another battery pack. I use it mainly for gaming ... or in my vehicle which has an AC outlet. And that's only for gaming while on the road.

    Hope that helps
  18. Thanks. I posted a thread (The Athlon 4) regarding what I need the notebook for, and that I was looking for a decent config with the above chip. Unfortunately, all graphic GPUs with the Athlon 4 SUCK big time and I need a desktop replacement. So I'll keep an eye for new stuff and a price drop in the S507. Cheers!
  19. In the review of the IBM A31P, you benchmarked both the ATI 7800 and the 7500 drivers on the 7800 hardware. Did you also try both these drivers on the 7500 hardware? If so, what was the result?
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