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Win7 email cant find server

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November 10, 2009 1:03:15 AM

I am totally at a loss. I can not get a single email client to run* on my Win& upgrade of Vista Home Premium. I have tried Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird 2.x.x.x, PostBox, SeaMonkey2 and have essentially the same results. The programs load, they attempt to connect to the server and either hang up or quit. Live Mail has an error screen that reports "unable to find the pop server." message. Yet when I run cPanelx's webmail program, I am ablel to retrieve, read and reply as needed.

When I say run* I mean find, read and provide. The programs execute to a point. then fail to deliver the mail even in good weather.

I also have a similar problem with my browsers. FireFox 3.5.5, and older, SeaMonkey2 and older, Internet Explorer 8 all are willing to display toolbars, and taskbars, but the main display is solid white and very empty. I am only able to run Minefield 3.0.6pre which is the 64 bit version of FireFox.

I have been considering a recovery to Vista Home Premium, but after reading the Win7 forums, I have decided to ask for help. Surely someone knows what is wrong. One more thing, I have no Direct TCP/IPv6 connectivity, it does seem to be piggy backed on th IPv4 tunnel because when disable ''v6' everything comes to a screaming halt.

I have not been able to read my 30 email sites for over a week and I am getting desperate. My computer is a Pavillion Laptop from HP, a 1170 dvP 2gbhz dual AMD Truion X2, I have a abuilt in Wireless 801 b/g Atherios, and my main provider is Altel/Veriszon 3G air card.

Thank you in advance for anyone and everyons' help.

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November 12, 2009 5:39:56 AM

Errr, could you double-check your email server settings?
November 12, 2009 8:19:00 PM

I have got a solution to the my problem. I downloaded and registered (I had to pay for it) a program called:

RegisteryEasy vs 5.4. It works with Win7 - Vista (all versions) - XP (All Versions) and 2003/2000 platforms.

It found and fixed over 2100 problems on my laptop and then in a special section called "Fix Socket2 Errors," it found and identified 38 items that needed attention and repaired them.

Now Tunderbird works, Firefox 3.5.5 displays and browses, Every thing that needs to call home to update works (except for Thunderbird and its attendant XML Malformed (200) error) Even SecondLife is talking again.

Here is a link to the Download page in a short form for ease of use:

This solution has a price tag of about $40 -- inexpensive and full of all sorts of other goodies. Enjoy! :sol: