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  1. All HTML?
  2. HTML to BBCode

    I've got to finda a way to get rid of the expand <<---- crap

    I'm still working on it.

  3. Dario, tell Drew to use the top bar as the userbar in the signature and the ^^^ as our banner. I'll get started on the individual banners.
    The bottom one is for the rest to use.
  4. Ugh...

    I gotz it working 4 joo guys
  5. Now that we've got that working.
  6. hi, nice bars
  7. Got it working yet?
  8. Hey what's going in here?
  9. Sup Anoobis, we are testing the banners/sigs
  10. Get a tinyurl for it - there's an invalid char in the url so the img tags don't work.


  11. Even simpler, just quote this and copy the code above into your signature.
  12. They're all being hosted from my photobucket right??
  13. You could if you want, but its hosted on my imageshack account.
  14. Hm weird, imageshack is being able to support it...
  15. Quote:
    Hm weird, imageshack is being able to support it...

    Thats because I ave an imageshack account that supports that much bandwidth.
  16. PFF, nice try...
  17. Things I've learned today:
    not to fuck around with cops
    nor giant squids
    and the russian mav!
  18. Not to kill a good conversation or anything, but i you want to discuss this, move it to a thread in the blog. This section is made for test posts.
  19. Prolly send it later, but mail them and call them just to bother around.
  20. Hey Ninja,
    i've created a new userbar (where i've added my avatar), check it in my sig. :P
    Since i've created it with photoshop, it's very easy to customize it and add / remove avatars from it.
    If anyone wants the source .psd file, just ask me ;)
  21. Nice, we've got another member. Someone that can deal with the CPU and chipset m/archs. Welcome to DaClan.
  22. Yippie! :D
    Hmm are you gonna stick with the new avatar, Ninja?
    In that case i'll change the userbar..
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    Necro Thread has been closed.
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