sound stutters every hour

Every hour on the second something interupts my computer and makes the sound stutter and makes video jerk for about half a second.
what does the computer do every hour after startup?

system uptime shows 1h 19sec after the first occurance, if it's timing power on, 19sec in, is in the middle of windows loading.

I've checked the taskmanager under processes, and there is no new process, and what I can see so far there is no real peek in cpu usage either. (have to check that out more tho. it just takes such a long time troubleshooting when u get a shot once every hour :p)
nothing in the event viewer either under computer management.

got an Abit KV8 Pro socket 754 motherboard
athlon 64 3400+ at stock speed
2x512MB DDR Twinmos RAM
a Gainward Geforce 6800GT at stock speed.
Realtek AC97 onboard sound.
a maxtor diamond 10 250GB SATA
and a chieftec 360w PSU

drivers are up to date.

so any ideas on the culprit?
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  1. Do you have any "atomic" clock checkers (software) that keeps your computer clock up to time by comparing it to the national "atomic" clock?
  2. Do a Virus/Spyware check first.

    How long have you had Windows running on that system? Could be time for a re-install.
  3. I think I solved it, I updated all my drivers once again. found a new via chipset driver, and audio+ AMD cpu driver. my last ones was only like a month old :p thought they'd sort bugs out faster, the chipset is like 3years old..

    and it's a fresh install of windows XP sp2.
    and no virus/spyware

    thanx for the tips tho.
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