SilentPipe II and Overclocking

Ok so I've heard and read good things about silentpipe II from Gigabyte. However, although tests prove this to be a good cooling solution, I was wondeing if anyone out there has any experience / insight into how this might stand up to overclocking my gpu. Thanks for the help!
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  1. Passive coolers are best for it's non-audible performance and can be a very good cooling solution as well. But as for overclocking, passive heat sinks like the Gigabyte Silentpipe II is not that great due to that it cannot dissipates heat faster than the graphics card can produce. As for the 6600 card it might be able to do some overclocking but not to that much. So If you want good VGA coolers that have great performance and at the same time produces low audible noise then check out the Artic Cooling and Zalman VGA coolers. :wink:
  2. Yep you can OC this card a little, Yep it gets hot and it will retain more heat for longer time than a normal card with a fan.

    If you DO have this card and you want to OC it you should place some case fans near/around it. Which kinda defeates the purpose of getting silent pipe II.....
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