ABIT AN8 Ultra vs. ASUS A8N-e

I'm trying to decide between the 2 motherboards. Does anyone have any comments as to which is the better motherboard in terms of performance and noise. The Aibt seems to be more expensive, but that's not a major concern if it can be justified.

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  1. Abit is good and if you ask Wusy, Asus is bad.
  2. i have an asus a8n-e rev2
    i can tell you the chipset fan is louder than any of the fans in my case but it isnt that loud
    also i have found that there is a bug that means you cannot use a 1T command rate on the memory,this is bad for amd 64 as the differrence from 1T to 2T is quite large.to see what i mean click here http://www.bleedinedge.com/reviews/memory/corsair_twinx4400c25/corsair_twinx4400c25_04.html this is the ram i am using at the moment.
    as for overclocking concerns i have just got my 3800+ (not x2) to 2.7 ghz
    you can put 1.550v in vcore and lots in the memory. the bios is easy to use.not sure theres much else i can say
    hope that helps
  3. The last motherboard I had was the Abit NF8, and thought it was decent, but I think I would favor ASUS at this point.

    All of my friends have told me to go with ASUS the last few years, and finally I bought the A8N-SLI Deluxe, which I don't regret a single day having. ASUS is known for unmatched stability plus awesome features included with mobos... sweet.

    Personally, I like the BIOS that Abit (DFI, many others uses) over the one ASUS picked, but it still gets the job done.
  4. I've been running an AN8 Ultra for nearly a year now & it's been a terrific board. Very stable, quiet with no worries about chipset fans & it overclocks well.
    The main problem that you will have is finding 1 these days.
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