What is the minimum CPU needed to run SLI 7800GTXs?

Hey, i will be getting a second GTX for an SLI setup soon but i fear that my 2.2Ghz Athlon 3700+ wont be powerful enough to cope with it.... Even if i did OC it i would only be able to get it to say 2.4Ghz, which will not make a difference (i think). I have mentioned this before in a previous thread of mine but didnt have many opinions on it as the thread was on a slightly different subject. So will i be okay with the CPU i have now or will i need to upgrade my CPU before i can invest in an extra GTX for SLI? Many thanks.
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  1. What do you mean your CPU won't be powerful enough to handle it? Do you mean that you're afraid your CPU will become a bottleneck? If so don't fret. Yes, with a faster CPU you would get better performance but a 3700+ still has plenty of juice for most situations... Bah, even better, MORE than enough juice for most situations. Obviously you're interested in gaming performance since you're going with SLI. Well, excluding the FX line, the 3700+ is one of the fastest single core gaming processors out there. Wait for more games to make better use of multiple cores and only then start thinking of upgrading your CPU IMO
  2. Don't fret, your CPU should be fine.
  3. Okay, that was unexpected :) I guess my 3700+ will do me for now after all. Ill go for the SLI then, and ill just upgrade my CPU later on in the year when 939s get cheaper. Now i can just focus on getting the second card 8) Thanks for your advice guys! Any more opinions very welcome.
  4. When I read this topic I thoguht to myself "Oh christ... some schmuck wants to run SLI on a 286" but then when I read what CPU you were talking about, I couldn't help but chuckle. That 3700 is plenty to run an SLI setup... sure, a faster processor wouldn't hurt things in some games, but every game currently out would be very playable on a 3700 with a 7800 SLI setup. I've got a slightly faster CPU with just one 7800 GTX and it does just fine.
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