How to reassign high com port assigment to lower unused com ports in windows 7

How do you reassign COM ports in Windows 7? I have several 30 x USB pic programmers and they are in the 70s, 80s and 90s and I know there is nothing else on the system. My programming software can cope with up to 33 x Com ports so I need to reassign to use ports in that range. Any ideas how i get in and reassign them?
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  1. Press and hold the windows key, and press the PAUSE/BREAK button. It is located up near the ScrLk (Scroll Lock). If that doesn't work click your start button, right click COMPUTER, select properties.

    This will bring up the System Properties windows.
    In the top left hand corner there will be a link to the device manager. Click it.
    Dig through the device manager until you find the section named PORTS.
    Find the port you want to change, right click it and select properties.
    Select the Port Settings Tab.
    Click the Advanced button.
    Change the port number.

    You might be prompted to restart your system.

    This is from memory, so it might not be exact. Good Luck.
  2. Thanks that worked a treat, much appreciated! :bounce:
  3. What if the tab to change ports is greyed out or missing?
  4. heyjul said:
    What if the tab to change ports is greyed out or missing?

    My guess is that you don't have sufficient privileges to change system settings. Ask your administrator to grant you local administrative rights to the machine, or ask him/her to change the settings for you.
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