dual sb lives

i've got two sound blaster live cards, and i'm working on dualing them up for 4 audio outputs.
i was wondering if anyone came across a software that can do a double-driver scheme for windows xp, saving myself some work.
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  1. Whats your goal?

    A single SB Live 5.1/7.1 can already handle 4 speaker output.
    A simple splitter will let you connect the same two channels to four speakers.
  2. As I recall creative once said that you can't have multiple sblives in a single machine. All live's are capable of at least 4 channel, I have an original, 5.1 plat, and a dell oem one and they all work the same.
  3. SB Live SLI? That brings a smile to chuckle up. You go dude! 8O :D :roll:
  4. Just SLI everything you got =P
  5. I ran two SB Live! cards in the same PC for recording way back when, worked just fine with Cubase etc...

    Are you really looking for extra outputs? Just buy a 7.1 card if you need extra, although if you really wanted the extra 2 speakers over 5.1 you'd have the card already.

    What are you really trying to achieve?
  6. i just want 4 true outputs, each that i can individually regulate, without extra equipment to buy.
  7. Audio software such as Sonar, Cubase etc... can control outputs to different cards/ports, however seeing as when people want surround sound they 99.99% of the time get a surround sound card rather than put two cards together, Windows doesn't have the facility to command two different cards.

    Although why you'd want it..... Just use the Creative mixer, which I'm pretty sure (not 100%) does have a 5.1 mixer.
  8. I've been giving this post some thought, as I'm now running dual audio cards myself. I really don't think you can get 2 cards to work simultaneously, but my recent tests have shown me that you can certainly have 2 working cards, you have to however select between the 2 in your applications or Windows control panel.

    If you just want quadraphonic sound I've learned the SB Live! has a setting for that...but from your posts, I don't think that'w what your looking for. Again, 2 cards will work but I don't believe you can get them to output simultaneously. If you are able to accomplish that, please share what you did as that'd certainly be a useful utility.

  9. google kx project (creative drivers, that have been modded)

    they do funky stuff....
  10. Nice tip...


    "Q. Does the kX driver support multiple soundcards? How many?

    A. Multiple soundcards are indeed supported by the kX driver. In theory, an unlimited number of soundcards could be used at once, but in reality you're likely to be limited by the number of PCI slots in your machine. Any combination of EMU10k1 and/or EMU10k2-based cards can be used with the kX driver (together with soundcards by other manufacturers, running their own drivers), provided the BIOS and the OS recognize the cards and assign the resources correctly."

    here's KX:

  11. did i forget to mention that the audio quality increases a hell of a lot?? but you do lose the EAX feature i think of the soundcardS
  12. For straight music, who needs EAX? When I installed Creative's latest drivers for the Live! they erased my X-Fi drivers. Lovely. ...but with the base Windows XP drivers for the Live! I could install Creative's latest X-Fi drivers and use both. ...the Live! does sound good with plenty of bass, but rather muddy in the mid- and high-ranges. So, I'll try installing the Kx drivers and see if they can co-exist with the X-Fi drivers...if the Kx drivers clean up the upper half of the frequency range...well, who knew? YOU DID. Thanks 'gain!
  13. Almost all SBLives are supported, with the exception of a couple of OEM Lives made exclusively for DELL. Supported and unsupported model numbers are listed here:


    Linking 2 SBLives together is done with an S/PDIF cable internally. You need to go from one S/PDIF output on one card to the S/PDIF input on another card. There are pins on the card labeled AUD_EXT or AD_EXT or SPDIF I/O depending on the model.

    This link shows lots of resources including the pinouts of the cards:

    More answers here in the forum:
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