Folding@Home to use GPU's for computations

Sorry if this has been posted here. Didn't see anything recent...

We have started building a GPU cluster to test the GPU port of FAH/Gromacs and to get some initial results to make sure that everything is working well. Before putting this into FAH, we need to make sure that both the science is validated (we get the right answers, only quicker!) and that the GPUs are up to being run 24x7 on FAH. I'm most concerned about the latter point and so this "burn in" test will be important. Assuming all goes well, we'll start the porting to FAH, with the hope (but not an official release date) to release this by the end of the 2006 calendar year.
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  1. Sounds good, I would guess (though probably wrong), that it might not harm the GPU any more than Aero/XGL etc.
  2. Pretty much, yeah. GPU's go almost completely unused when running on the desktop.

    They might run into issues with Aero though- you mention a good point.
  3. i've been looking forward to this! i always felt a waste when my graphics card is idle. But what about people with folding farms? imagine having to install graphics cards in 20+ computers! (though i don't think it's mandatory), and i hope they update this with the newer DX10 cards (when i plan to upgrade)

  4. Yeah I was just looking at this last night. Does anybody have the URL to the original folding thread on forumz?

    NM Just found it here
  5. I believe you need x1k up from ATI for it to work.
  6. Quote:
    I believe you need x1k up from ATI for it to work.

    well that sucks, there are lots of people with old graphics cards they could put to folding. people probably change graphics cards more often then CPU's, so it's a shame this is like this. i can say i even have a voodoo 2 and a TNT2 sitting around (although the voodoo would be useless in a situation like this)

  7. 2 things to think about:

    1: what about people running 2 instances, will they be able to 'share' the graphics core?

    2: will they be reducing points due to faster processing?

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