Purchaing a new video card.

Hi guys,
I am ready to upgrade to another video card. At this moment this is what i have a pentium 3.06 GH HTT, 1GB of Ram, Soyo Dragon Lite Motherboard. ATi Radeon 9700 Pro 128. I am a low budget person. I am planning to buy the ATi Radeon x800 GTO AGP 256MB. With the video card i do have now. I been able to have fun playing BF2, CoD2 on it without any problem. Now the reason that i want to buy the X800 GTO is to able to play Tom Clancy Ghost Recoon Advance Warfighter for PC. Please let me know guys, if the x800 GTO can handle it. For my pc i am not ready to upgrade to a new computer yet. Please advice this newbie on whether i should this video card or not at all and get another one thanks.
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  1. An X800 GTO would be a good step up from a 9700 PRO on your system. It should allow you to run at least a resolution higher than your 9700 PRO would.

    Having said that, the difference won't be mind blowing, but it should be very noticable.
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