Front Side Bus will be Intel's undoing

Intel is once again utilizing a front side bus for its next generation of processors. In fact, the plan is to use the bus to communicate between the two dual cores in their planned double double (quad core) CPU's. Sure, the front side bus is still viable, but it pales in comparison to AMD's direct connection through Hyper-Transport.

This disparity, I predict, will cause exponentially greater differences in performance between the conroe and K8L generation of processors, especially when they both move to quad core and 65nm. I would also like to keep in mind that Conroe is pretty late to the game, Pentium having been spanked viciously by AMD and the Athlon64 for the past few months (years?). Even though it will have the performance crown for a couple months, it will be regained by AMD when they release the K8L series with the on the AM2 socket and with GOOD DDR2. Hopefully by that time the DDR2 timing difficulties will be ironed out, and the Athlon will rise from the ashes, having been beaten to smitherenes for a couple of months, and cause all sorts of havoc for Intel. And yes, I do believe history repeats itself.

Then we will see who owns the crown.
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  1. Wow, way to make a useless poll.
  2. Quote:
    Wow, way to make a useless poll.

    Of course. Not meant to be taken too seriously.
  3. Why should I take the rest of your thread seriously? I agree though, Intel needs to lose the front side bus.
  4. Sorry about the dumb poll. Thought I would try something new for me. Ill think of something better next time.
  5. Here's a suggestion for your next thread title:


    Note: You absolutely must capitalize the entire sentence.
  6. Just for clarification, HT is AMD's FSB. And no one is really sure whether or not the high end opteron-style core-to-core communication will make it to the 65nm X2's or if it won't be there until the K8L.
  7. hopefully history will repeat itself. and it usually does.
  8. Quote:
    SUN UltraSPARC pwnz!
    But how much is it (braces for the premium price)?
  9. Quote:
    Not very much... (I can't afford it tho :lol: )

    You're running a $4000 OS, i'm sure you can find a way to "weasel" a

    processor out of SUN. :D
  10. Quote:
    SUN UltraSPARC pwnz!
    But how much is it (braces for the premium price)?

    Well theres the rub huh? As far as I am aware you cant buy just the processor, its only available in a workstation/server system

    But if the last ball park figure to float through my company was correct a mid range Blade workstation runs the high single K range.

    (And I almost typed this on a Blade 2000. Well its in the loop anyway.)
  11. Solaris 10 is free...
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