Stupid Question, But Curious About Standby Features

So, I was once able to put my PC into standby whereas it would actually turn off ALL the fans and power to the PC (maybe except power to the RAM where it kept all my files ready to open again). After having a PC problem, I had to do a rebuild with a replacement MB.

Now when my PC goes into standby, it only minimizes power consumption, but doesn't turn the fans or anything off.

Question: Is there a feature (maybe in the BIOS) where I can allow my PC to power down in standby so that the fans turn off?
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  1. I don't think so...It might be a motherboard feature or something. I didn't know stand by actually turned the fans off, isn't that a little dangerous?

  2. Hibernate.
  3. But it wasn't a hibernate feature. It actually worked when I hit "Standby". Hibernate stores your current work on the HDD. When I did "Standby", it booted up my PC within seconds and had all my files out and ready, meaning it had to be in the RAM
  4. Actually, no. And the fans only go off under certain conditions I guess. My friend had an old Compaq that did the same thing. Don't laptops do it too? I posted awhile back asking if it was safe to continue with the Standby mode for long periods of time (since it gave incredible "boot" speeds, just as if you were in standby-just w/o the noise or electrical bill). The only thing it really does is suspend everything to RAM, which could stress it (though Lifetime warranties and backups always help). Well, maybe I'll tinker with the BIOS or something...
  5. My friend's laptop does this. It looks/sounds like it is shut off but you tap the power button and it comes on within seconds. You've probably looked in Control Panel > Power Options...

    Maybe set it to the laptop power scheme and set your power button to go to standy when pressed?
  6. Thanks to all those for the replies. IT WORKS!!! Sorry for wasting your time. I just received a replacement GPU (the X800XT) and installed the latest drivers (Catalyst 6.5). Now my PC actually "shuts down" and resumes withing seconds. It's odd though, that it wouldn't standby like that with the FX5700....
  7. yeah, weird. but, hey! It works! Congrats!

  8. This is the S3 STR (Suspend to RAM) standby mode. In this mode all running processes stay in the RAM and the mobo just keeps powering the memory and, of course, the fans stops spinning...

    You can change the mode in the BIOS.

    For this function to work and show in the windows shutdown menu you need to have a compatible graphics card with the driver properly installed (don't work using the "VGA Compatible" generic windows driver), almost all graphics cards outhere are compatible btw.
  9. Ya, I enabled the "ACPI Suspend to RAM" option (under Power Management) and the generic use of "ACPI" (in the BIOS), which I think allows that to occur. For some reason, the drivers for the FX5700 just didn't allow it to work. But I'm happy anyways now that the ATi card permits it.
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