Unknown Device for Intel D975XBX Mobo

I've just booted up the first new system I've built using Windows XP Pro SP2 on an Intel D975XBX mobo Revision 303 and I note that I have an 'Unknown device' listed under 'Other Devices' in 'Device Manager'. Looking at the properties for this device the 'General' tab details 'Location' as "on Intel 82801GH (ICH7DH) LPC Interface" while the' Details' tab lists 'Device Instance Id' as "ACPIAWY000014&3036D68D&0".

Can anyone shed any light on the "Unknown Device" from the information above?
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  1. have you updated drivers or windows updates yet ?
    bios 1181 ?
  2. I've updated the BIOS to 1181.

    With respect to the driver updates for the D975XBX mobo I did attempt to apply the LAN:Intel PRO Network Connections but on executing the downloaded file all it seemed to do was to unzip the files but did not seem to install. I'm not sure any of the other driver updates apply to my system.

    I have not applied any of the XP updates.

    I have not set my system up for RAID and have not installed the RAID drivers consequently that is showing up as "RAID Controller" in "other Devices" under the "Device Manager".
  3. Try running the install cd that came with the motherboard. That should install all the drivers for the devices you have on the motherboard. If not it should at least have the driver on the cd that you can install manually.
  4. I've run the Intel Express Installer Driver CD after installing XP (as recommended by Intel). The only drivers that haven't been installed that were on the CD are "Silicon Image" and "Intel(R) Matrix Storage Technology" and my understanding is that both of these drivers relate to RAID.

    As far as installing the driver manually is concerned is the problem that I don't know what the device is and consequently what driver the system is looking for.

    I've now applied all the latest XP updates however the "Unknown Device" still remains a mystery.

    It would seem to be associated with the "LPC Interface", whatever that is (I think LPC stands for "Low Pin Count").
  5. disable your raid controller in bios if not in raid .
    uninstall unknown device and reboot
    see if windows tries to install this device
  6. Just to complete this post I have found out from Intel Support that the missing driver is the "Intel Quick Resume Technology Driver" used in digital entertainment systems and requires the Windows XP Media Center Edition OS amongst other requirements.

    As the Intel D975XBX mobo supports Intel's Viiv technology the default BIOS settings had this device enabled. On disabling this setting in the Power Menu of the BIOS all my problems disappeared.

    Thank you everyone for all your help.
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