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Right im thinking of buying a Accelero 2 for my x1900xt to reduce temps on the card as some people out there know they run kinda hot under load are they good at cooling? also will this interfere with crossfire because i dont know the exact size of the cooler or well im not at my pc so i cant really measure to compare with the stock cooler. so if anyone has a pic of the cooler on a card that would be great for seeing the size difference.

my sig holds the spec of my pc atm
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  1. The Accelero X2 will be fine in a crossfire setup... it isn't bigger than your stock cooler on the X1900XT, so you should be fine. I have one so I know :)
  2. excellent thats me ordering one now :D
  3. Just make sure you have plenty of airflow being directed to the gfx card! The air is exhausted into the case and has a chance of building up underneath the card. But then again, the Zalman cooling solutions face the same problem. A side fan isn't necessary, but a fan (80-120mm, doesn't matter, as long as it is quiet and provides decent CFM) boosting the airflow from a front intake should clear up any potential problems, but considering you are somehow cooling a 4Ghz Presler, then I guess you already have a good enough airflow through your case. Just to let you know :wink: because once everything's set up nicely, you should get 10C shaved off the load temps.
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