ASUS A8N32-SLI Deluxe IEEE1394 USB Antec P180B case

I am totally new to this. I have never built my own PC. I purchased this awesome motherboard and case but when I go to connect the IEEE1394 ports to MB it only has two connectors which I have already used. My Antec case has a front port IEEE1394 that I can not find a connector for now. I have the same problem with USB ports too.
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  1. You should have 2 connectors which will handle 2 usb ports each and you should have another 2 connectors for the 1394 ports. the USB ones are blue and the 1394 are red. all of them are at the bottom of the mb the red 1394 ones are the 2 farthest left.... DO NOT mix the two up.
  2. Thanks for you quick reply. Yes I was very careful not to mix up the ports and colors. I have read the manual very carefully and it states if you mix them up you are finished. So I have used all the ports and can't use the one on my case then. So either I don't plug one of the back ports in and use my front case port. Any other suggestions?
  3. Many of the ASUS boards come with optional pci usb and firewire ports just in case your computer case does not have them. If you have installed that card and used up a pci slot then remove it and use the ones from your case. You don't really need 6-8 usb ports at the back of your computer but the 2 at the front will really help. Same goes for the firewire (1394).
  4. That is what I was thinking I should do but wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something. Thank you!
  5. I know this stinx, but that board only has 2 FireWire ports. I think you can only connect one of the rear ports if you want to use the front port.

    Yesterday I was looking for a PCI card that would accommodate the front FireWire header, but in the brief time I spent I didn't see one. If anyone knows of one could you help the two of us out?

    P.S. Whatever you do DO NOT connect the front port FireWire header to one of the USB ports on the mobo, I'm pretty sure its also states this in the mobos directions.

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