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I was asking myself about 2 video card option for my laptop.

I can have one with GeForce 6600 GO and the other with a Radeon X300 (both at 128 MB).

Anyone can tell me which one is the best.

Thanks a lot
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  1. The 6600 is much more powerful and up-to-date. It supports SM3.0 (I think) but it's also a 8-pipe design vs. the 4-pipes of the X300. X300 is strictly low-end, 6600 would be mid-range.
  2. The 6600 will beat the $hit out of the X300. The 6600 does have SM3.0, whereas the X300 has SM2.0.
  3. 6600 > X300. End of discussion.
  4. and what about ATI Mobility FireGL V5200 graphics controller with 256 MB??
  5. The ATi FireGL V5200 is based on the X1600 core, I would say it's more powerful than the vanilla 6600. It's a more up-to-date card than either the 6600 or X300, with a full feature set so it'd be a good choice. Though in its FireGL guise, it's going to cost you significantly more than a regular non-OpenGL optimized graphics card.
  6. Well price doesn't really matter, I need to test a new laptop for the job so they will pay for it :)

    Thanks for the info everyone.
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