using monitor to hook up game systems?

Is there any where to use a monitor to hook up axbox, ps 2 or any other gaming system. if there is what connection is needed. thanks
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  1. I don't know that you can use the monitor directly but you should be able to use a tvtuner card like the aiw ati cards to accept a composite signal from the xbox then you can use your monitor the same way as watching tv or a camcorder.
  2. there are monitors that have component inputs but unless you want to play say an xbox 360 in HD on a monitor you might as well just buy a tv tuner with composite input (white red yellow)

    you can try searching for monitors that have inputs but they are extremely expensive. $400+

    Tv tuners will cost you probably $50
  3. ok thanks for all the help.. :)
  4. I want to do the same thing for my media rig I'm building. I've been reading a lot about how some cards have lag that makes gaming impossible. I have a PS2,GC, and a X-box. Can someone who has their systems running tell me what combo of card and sofware they have.
  5. Having multi source input selector:

    OPTION 1 - I have Universal S-Video Switch Box connected to my consoles
    Then ViewSonic NextVision - TV / video input adapter - NTSC
    (N5) connected to my Switchbox output and then to my monitor.

    Option 2 - My second computer has ATI All In Wonder so no need for ViewSonic NextVision since you can connect directly from your source.

    When my kids hug all the TVs in the house I don’t have to turn my computer to watch my show or even play console game from my option 1 system.
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