Danger Den 3x120mm Fan Radiator Need Some advice/Help

Well im in a mod right now to add custom liquid cooling to my black Thermaltake Armor Case. Here is a picture.

Well to cut to the main thing i posted this thread for is i need a drawing with the measurements of this radiator like a 1:1 drawing in Metric so i can plan out the top of the case. Now i was wondering if anyone was nice enough to find/Make one for me so i dont have to buy one right away.
Here is the model.
Danger Den Black Ice Pro III Radiator

Any help would be super!
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  1. Here are the dimensions...

    "Optimal 397 x 133 x 40 mm (15.63 x 5.25 x 1.77 inch) dimensions allows it to fit inside most mid-tower cases."

    Take a piece of paper, draw a rectangle that is 397mm (15.6") x 133mm (5.24"), cut it out and place it where ever you want.
  2. Oh alright thanks for that :)
    Just one question the main reason i need a template is the 120mm Fan holes with the Fan Screw holes. I cant just BS my way through that lol. What i have planned is cutting three 120mm holes in the top of the armor and then mounting the Radiator on the inside of the case like this...

    Case _________
    Fans *********
    Radiator -------------

    So it sucks the Cold air into the case and cools the radiator.
    So yeah im having trouble finding any documentation on the Fan layout and Screw holes.
  3. the easiest thing to do might be to just go down to a store that carries it and ask them whether you can trace it onto a piece of paper, including the location of the screw holes (no jokes pls) on the rad.
  4. Alright thanks a bunch for helping/Advice. :)
  5. or just wait til u get it and then cut.
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