BFG 7900GT OC 256MB

I recently bought one of these and this is the problem i am getting:

I recently purchased the BFG 7900gt oc 256mb from you and have since installed it into my pc. The graphics card works fine for a few seconds then it rapidly dropped in fps in games such as Call of Duty 2. I then researched it and it was recommended that i needed a higher psu. I then purchased a 650w psu and the card is still the same. I then took out the 7900gt and put back in my radeon x600 pro and it works fine and has the same fps if not more than the 7900gt. As i know this should not be happening, and i was wondering what you could advise me to do? Thanks for your help in advance.

(this is the query which i just did to overclockers)

Tried 84.21 and 84.43 drivers.


intel p4 3.4ghz
1gig ram

Thanks for any help/suggestions in advance
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  1. Use Driver Cleaner to wipe out all ATI driver related files. That should help.
  2. quite right, if you are able to swap the x300 and 7900gt back and forth that way it sounds like you havn't entirely wiped out the ati drivers. Make sure all remnants of that ati driver are gone, reboot then install the nvidia ones.
  3. I have done this and reinstalled the nvidia drivers.

    Call of duty 2 starts up dx7 all extra gfx 125 constant.

    Then after a minute or so it can drop to 60 which isn't normal for a card like this surely?
  4. Time to see if that BGF life time warrinty is worth the paper its written on.....
  5. Just received this message back from :

    'What PSU have you bought? Not a Q-Tec I hope?'

    Would this make a difference?

    As it did the same kind of thing on the old PSU.
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