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Good Day,

I recently own an Aquarius III system. I know it isnt the best watercooling system around but I have read that one reason is its poor waterblock. I recently saw in a shop a Coolermaster Aquatrident waterblock, which it claims to have "superior performance". About that I want to know,

1.- Can I use this waterblock and change it instead the original Aquarius III one?. I mean is it technically possible? (diameter of pipes, sujetion system, etc.?)

2.- Will I get better performance?

I havent been able to find any type of info about this concerns..So please I need help...

Thanks for all..
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  1. Just thinking could he use a 14 volt power pack and .375 coupling
  2. Quote:
    1. If you want to replace the WB, you'll need to find one that's low-pressure (i.e. maze type) and uses 1/4" barb

    2. Not enough to justify the cost

    The main weakness with TT Aquarius III are:
    -Extremely weak pump
    -Outdated waterblock (due to weak pump so it's used)
    -Confined radiator (outdated condensor design)
    -1/4" piping (again due to weak pump)

    Basically you should've never bought that child's playing toy in the first place unless it was super-duper cheap (like $90).

    Good Day,
    Thanks for your reply and sorry again for questioning,

    1.- So you say it wont work the Aquatrient with the Aquarius?
    2.- How much better is the Bigwater 735?
    3.- I am new n watercooling so sorry to ask some "silly questions", but as I know the aquarius III has 3/8" pipes. Why you mention 1/4"?

    Thanka again
  3. I have the same except its the 2 and it has worked great for me using oced xp3200 and a nic 11in x 11in rad I cannot remember the year I bought it but temps now are never over 35c the rad is small but you can change it to a heater core you can check it out in other post of gomerpile.
  4. Quote:
    I have the same except its the 2 and it has worked great for me using oced xp3200 and a nic 11in x 11in rad I cannot remember the year I bought it but temps now are never over 35c the rad is small but you can change it to a heater core you can check it out in other post of gomerpile.

    Good Day,

    This is extremely strange and I need some advice. A few moments ago the new Aquarius III system arrived at my office. I was some kind of frustated about the bad opinions I have read about the system, so, I opened the package and began realizing some odd things compared with the Aquarius III I have seen on the web and the manual I have downloaded from Thermaltake site,

    1.- The Waterblock isnt the same I have seen in the downloaded manual and in the reviews on web sites. It is nearly the same as the bigwater 735 system. A cooper, not silver colored water block, with a led and an acryllic over it. The one I saw in the Aquarus III website is silver colored, without acryllic and without led. The only difference with the Bigwater water block is that the side that is in contact with the CPU is round in case of the bigwater and here is rectangular with two levels, I mean a rectangular polished surface and a deeper side polished strip.

    2.- The bomb inside the external unit isnt the same I have seen in the photos of the Aquarius III system. It clearly says (Yes, I know...Five minutes with the new Aquarius system in my hands and I have already opened it...I always do that...I cant stop myself... :lol: ) Bigwater 12V pump in a yellow sticker glued over it.

    3.- The 80 [mm] fan and the radiator seems to be the same I saw on pictures on the web.

    4.- The small tube the unite the two valves in the rear of the unit isnt there

    5.- The coolant concentrate isnt the one shown in the pohotographs...This is yellow and it really looks like it is UV reactive (due to the color)

    In summery, it isnt the same unit I saw on web, especially due t the water block and to the pump.

    Can anyone clarify this?...Thanks for your time...
  5. That is strange sounds it could be they changed the block for some reason, the additive you got dont use go the the auto section in a store and get coolent treatment that works great better than the crap they give I got fungi with the stuff they gave but I would suggest writing an email to them Note if you plan on using sensors for temps do not place them on the core I did and I did have to buy a new processor I did write a email asking why they did not mention this in bold letters in the manual they responded that the newer versions will have the warning in the manual.
    It sounds like the one I have execpt the block does look like the one in the pic maybe its the aquarius 11

    This is mine does it look like it copy the image and use a photo editor to get a better look
  6. Good Day,

    Definitely this isnt the same Aquarius III I have seen in reviews and in the manual I downloaded before it arrived to my office. Here are some pictures that shows the Waterblock from two points of view with the coolant liquid and also the pump which clearly says Bigwater. The manual is different form the one I downloaded, and shows what I see on my cage.

    As you can see this parts are not form the original Aquarius III.Also about your CPU, sorry about that...I read a review about the Aquarius III in which the reviewer urged to put the Temp probe under the CPU, sorting the cables of it around the pins of the processor, so as to obtain a real CPU Temp reading. This called my attention due to the great possibility of "bridgeing" two pines and smoke the CPU. So, I sent an email to AMD (I also bought a s939 X2 4400+) asking for that, and they replied me yesterday telling me to avoid that at all cost due to the great possibility of smoking the CPU. In the Aquarius III manual, they clearly shows the probe located in the CU part of the waterblock.

    Thanks for your time...
  7. Quote:
    Whatever you see now is what you'll use and it looks like you're in luck.
    I'm sure Aquarius III uses 1/4", but the kit you've got now uses 3/8"(to go with the pump).

    The only thing you need to upgrade now is a BIX2(BlaceIce Extreme2) style radiator and more tubing if you want to use a GPU waterclock.
    Having 3/8" and the Bigwater pump opens up a lot of other options Aquarius III doesn't provide.

    Avoid tight bends for tubings so you can get rid of the metal coils that's inside.

    Good Day,

    Thanks for your replies...Well, yes..what can I say?...I am really new about watercooling and after ordering Aquarius III I began listening all bad comments that got me dissapointed...Now, as I mentioned, I cannot explain what happened but I really have a Bigwater 735 "External" Watercooling..Not bad at all..More strange, I emailed Thermaltake about this product and they only replied that Aquarius III had been discontinued long ago...Surely strange..

    But well, now as a novice in watercooling, a few questions,

    1.- Whats the best proportion and components to make a good cooling liquid. I am asking about products, no brands due to the fact that maybe here in my country I cannot find an specific brand.

    2.- This waterblock comes with a light connected in a small moles (like the ones of the fans)..The manual doesnt mention that light...Where can I plug it?

    Thanks again.....
  8. As far as the best cooling for most people that is easy to acquire, I would use waterwetter avail at most auto parts stores. It is made by Redline a well respected automotive coolant and lubrication company. Mix a small amount of this along with distilled water. This would provide good viscosity. You may also add some antifreeze but keep the additives at a very low amount while using by far more distilled water.
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