Windows 7 System Hangs

Hi guys, just updated my build to sandy bridge. Wasn't having any issues with Windows 7 64bit until I upgraded the hardware. Its pretty much a new build besides the hard drives.

i7 - 2600k
maximus iv extreme
8g patriot 2000mhz
1100w psu
2x radeon 6950's
2 vertex2 raid 0
2 velociraptor raid 0
1 wd terabyte storage..
all watercooled...

I have this issue where everything will hang for 1-3 seconds. If I have music playing it will just keep playing whatever note it was on at the beginning of the 1-3 seconds making an awful screech. I've swapped the ram out and memtested it. the wireless card seemed to be the cause of all of these crashes. its an asus pce-n13, i've updated the drivers for it. That seemed to help for awhile but its back to the same problems again. I'm on my 3rd install of the OS. Its started hanging again after I installed the wireless drivers also seems to degrade over time which is confusing. The longer I stick with the same windows install the quicker it eventually locks up completely. Everything will freeze, I can still move the mouse until I click on something at which point the mouse will freeze too...If I hit ctrl+alt+del the screens just turn black and never recovers. I've been abusing the hard reset...please any ideas will help!

Updating the drivers on the wireless card seems to help the short hangs. Still the eventual complete crash. Seems more likely to crash when I have the browser open too....I'll stop rambling...
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  1. Try unistalling the driver for your wireless card and then install the updated driver. If this don't work then maybe you should get a different wireless card. Just a thought.
  2. Sounds like an hdd problem to me or possibly a ram issue.
    Memtest86+ your ram one stick at a time..
    Also run diagnostic utilities from the hdd vendors site.
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