Can a DVD+R disk be "converted" to a DVD-R disk?

I have what may be the stupidest question of the year or century, but I'd like to find out so here goes.

I have a DVD+R video disk that I want to play in my TV surround sound system DVD player. The TV's DVD "player" will only play DVD-R formated DVD's according to the manufacturer. It's an older system. These days I think you can buy players that will play all formats.

So, my DVD+R disk won't play at all in my player. It will play on my computer using my Lite-On DVD RW but not in my player that's hooked to my large screen TV.

So, my question is this: Is there any way to "convert" a DVD+R formated disk to a DVD-R disk?

Could I download the contents of the DVD+R disk to my computer's hard drive then turn around and burn it in DVD-R format using my lite-on dvd burner? I don't even know if my Lite-On DVD RW SHW-160P6S burner will allow me to burn it in the DVD-R format.

I don't know if anything like this is possible but I wanted to ask you guys because I know if anyone knows, you do.

Thank you, I appreciate your comments (good and bad).
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  1. You dvd burner support -R format actualy it even support duel layer DVD from what the spec say so the easiest thing to do would be to copy the from DVD+ to DVD- media. You may be able to do a strait DVD copy I'm realy not sure I have a DVD-+ drive but have never tried but I realy don't see why it shouldn't work. If you can't then just copy the files manauly down.
  2. [quote If you can't then just copy the files manauly down. do I do this? Please give me details. Thanks
  3. Well depends I'm assuming this is a DVD movie, again assuming you have some good software say nero DVD burning software.

    First open the disc up in windows explore and there will probably be 2 folders Audio_TS and Video_TS (at work so I'm 100% sure). Copy these folders to your HD (also assuming you have a good amount of free space). Then open you DVD burning software choose DVD template and the layout should like the same as your Audio_ts and video_ts folders then just drag the content to the correct folder from your HD to the layout and burn away.

    For question in general about DVD's burning and software I would recommend this site : lots of info on buring software, difference in format, dvd player suggested media etc.
  4. I just finished "burning a copy" of the DVD+R that would not play in my TV's surround sound DVD player.

    I used the Nero software that was installed on my computer but had never been used. I selected "Copy DVD" and followed instructions....and to my delight, it worked!

    However, the finished product did contain several artifact, however they don't take away much from the video. They are mostly noticeable in the sound; leaving out a word/partial word here and big deal. Wonder what caused this?

    The completed product is a DVD-R disk copied directly from a DVD+R disk (without first downloading it to my hard drive)....and more importantly, it works in my TV's surround sound DVD player.

    Thanks to all. If you would like to comment on the artifact issue please do so. If there's a way to make the DVD better I'd like to hear about it. That's what it's all about....learning to "do it right".
  5. the audio not perfect is probly just because nero is basic for burning movies
    it is simple to use though
    no big deal
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