Best 939 AGP mobo for BFG 6800GT OC & Athlon 64 3700+

Hi All,

I finally have started my gaming sytem project and need some advice from anyone who can recommend a mother board that I could squeeze the most out. I have gone thru F.E.A.R., Doom 3 and am now in the midst of Oblivion with my Dell 4550 2.00Ghz, 1GB system. I want to use my BFG 6800 GT oc card from this sytem...I also am going to give AMD a try and use a Athlon 64 3700+... I have been looking into the megabyte MB-K8U-939..This board has the 8X AGP I need and I will have plenty of room for as much RAM as I could ever neeed .

I am basically looking for any sugestions for a Mother board to go with my other two components...P.S. beleive it or not, F.E.A.R. ran pretty darn smooth from beginning to end on my older did the other two...I was going to go with another intel CPU but I figured it is always good to try something new .

Any helpful info would be greatly appreciated,

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  1. If you can, a nice MSI K8N Neo2 would be a nice mobo to use, i used one for a while and it was great, i never had any problems with it.
  2. Hey thank's for the info,

    ...My other option is to go all out and get a Asus A8n-SLI Premium Motherboard then eventually go with twin 78 or 79 series GT's....but that means much more money and more grief from you know who!!...I am on the fence...If I can be a little more patient I should hold off and go all out...I just thought this cpu would really optimize the old 6800GToc and figure it may be worth a try...
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