Intel Core 2 Duo or an Intel Pentium D 9xx series build

Hi, I am planing to build a new system probably by the end of summer or if not, by the end of the year. I was wondering pricewise and overall which one is beter, i dound infor on the net that states that in the 3rd Q the prices will be:

"Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 (2.13GHz/2M) $224
Intel Pentium D 950 (3.40GHz/2Mx2) $224 "

I was opting for the Pentium D 950 because its a 3.4GHz not a 2.13GHz (for the same price) i red some information online, but im still confused whats beter about it than the D series?? (especially the one stated above)

Im planing to use the pc for gaming / office work I was hoping the pc would last me about 4 years with no upgrades.

Thank You for Your replies.
Other components that im considering are :
-2 gigs of corsair ram
-asus P5wd2-e premium mobo or their 965 series (does the diference just lie in the lack of support for crossfire, and support doe core duo?)
- ati radeon x1900xt (or should i wait for the new dx10 gpus?)

and the rest including my 480W psu will be taken from my old pc.
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  1. just for your information, conroe uses a different architecture than p4 and dual core...

    thats why maybe its lower in GHZ... as you see here...
  2. buy the core 2 duo, its a whole new architecture, dont go by clock speed, remember how amd's lower clock speeds have always kicked intels ass performance wise, this is the same, the conroe 2.13 ghz gives equivalent performance to a fx-60 ( @ least on a tmpGenc encoding test :D)
  3. It depends on if you want to wait. Core 2 is being released on July 23rd however when the processor will be available through retail is anyones guess. I havent seen any definitive things stating compability to core 2 with chipsets yet.
  4. The choice is obvious, no more replies needed.
  5. If you were planning to buy right away I would say go with the p5wd2-e premium motherboard and the 975x chipset as this is going to be able to support the core duo CPU's. Since your going to be waiting till later this year go with the core 2 duo as it will be running much cooler.
  6. I would say you get and build all the other components now and buy the Conroe when its out.
    Be sure that your D975XBX motherboard (the only one that supports Conroe 100%) is rev.304 thats IMPORTANT.
  7. what will be the "speed" increase beatwean the older intel d 950 and the new core duo's? will it be very noticable, ill be upgrading tothis rig from a 1.7 pentium 4 (i know ...oldie) so i thought geting a 3.4 not mentioning a dual core will be quite fast, im not looking for the "best of the best, of the best ;)" i was wondering what are the main differences betwean thse chips ? lets say in gaming what might be the expected ftp increase differences? 10 ftp's 20? ......and to the first posters i know the core duo had new architecture, but whats so special about it? what might be the power consumption differences betwean these cpus? temperatures? ( theyr both 65 nm, but im shoor core duo will be cooler just because its not 3.4 gz but 2.1....which i think is quite a bit of adifference)

    I just wanted to know what are the pros and cons of both so i could decide which one is beter for my needs? Im planing to get one cpu and stick with it for atleast 3 or 4 years.

    Or beter Yet will the parts including the cpu mobo, and ram (ok maby ill up it to 4 gigs later), and gpu will be able to handle new games released in 2007 well? (i know dx10 is coming) but i m curious if theese components will be able to play the games not neccesarily on ultra quality graphics but atleast high?

  8. I'm sorry if this sounds mean ...but why whould i buy other components whithout a cpu for a build now?????????????!!?!?!?!? lol the pc needs a cpu to work lol ;) besides i dont know which one is beter, now do i? and besides ihope the prices will go down a bit (if ill opt for the core duo)by the time ill be geting it.
  9. He is saying buy a current inexpensive cpu, and a motherboard that supports conroe and current intel cpu's, then upgrade when conroe comes out. I would recommend that you just build a pc that will fit your needs. It is hard to build a computer for the "future" that will support an unreleased cpu, and it is also more expensive. Your best bet is to build the best computer you can afford to build at this time, and when it doesn't suit your needs anymore, upgrade motherboard and cpu or just build a new system. The 975XBX motherboards are expensive from what I have seen, well over $200. And even though Conroe will release in July sometime.... you probably will not be able to purchase one anytime that month. Even if you are able to get one even a couple of months from the date of release, there is a very good possibility that they will be fairly expensive due to low supply. If you want to spend over $200 on a motherboard and spend more than MSRP on the cpu, then build around conroe, otherwise, just get an 805 or a 920, or go with an AM2 setup. The AM2 would probably be faster, but in all honesty, you probably would not notice the difference between any of them, including Conroe, unless you benchmark them to see it or do something which is cpu intensive on a regular basis.
  10. o.ok thx for the reply, i was thinking about that, but opted to get the ASUS P5WD2-E Premium Mobo(around I think its around $220), althou it does not have support for cenrone :( and besides ....sorry for repeating myselfe ....but why would cenrone be beter than the other cpu that i asked about the d series? i searched online but didnt find mutch info in regards to this.

    All together im confused/uncertain ;) about the cpus and the gpu ;)
    (to get the 1900xt or wait till the dx10 series comes out next year) ;)
  11. Well, Conroe is what it is called. Conroe is better than anything currently out today. But you cannot buy it yet.... and likely won't be able to until the 4th Quarter of this year. It really depends on supply/demand..... Conroe is better because it does more work at a lower frequency which helps it use less power and run cooler. A $400 Conroe processor would be as fast or faster than the fastest $1200 dual core processor out today. As for the video card, I would go with the X1800 if it were me. The performance difference between the X1800 and the X1900 is not worth the price difference in my opinion.
  12. Quote:
    i searched online but didnt find mutch info in regards to this.

    Did you read the first post in this forum? To answer you question, the conroe at 2.13ghz will beat the P4 you referenced.
  13. Quote:
    i searched online but didnt find mutch info in regards to this.

    Did you read the first post in this forum? To answer you question, the conroe at 2.13ghz will beat the P4 you referenced.

    i didread it i wanted more to receive just more indfo than "it will just beat it" it is obvious that it will use less power, because its a lower clock, but i was wondering if there is any information released online, or any of You would know more "precisely" how mutch beter will it be? will it be like having "2 dualcores" speedwise? (i think not), i just wanted to receive more information, than its beter (all or almost all new products are in some ways superior to their predecessors ;) ) would it be "beter" by a big margin? i was curious in regards to those models that i posted up there because of my budget which i estimated would be about 1200 ish for a new system using some old parts.
  14. You can probably do $1200 with an entirely new system. The thread is very specific about performance stating percentages and sighting several benchmarks. I hate to sound rude, but read it again. Intel has said 40% more performance over the last generation at 40% less power consumption, they are talking about NetBurst not K8. There are tons of benchmarks out now just take a look around at anandtech, tomshardware, hexus and xtremesystems.
    any of You would know more "precisely" how mutch beter will it be?

    How much better at what? Thats really vague.
  15. Wait until there is more info on Vista and DirectX 10. The details for video cards is still being worked out.
  16. thx , i didnt c the link which You were talking about, ill check it out.
  17. Just be patient. We will be seeing reviews (not previews) of Conroe by next month and it will be compared to both AMD and the "old" Pentium 4s. Since you don't plan on upgrading until the end of summer, don't worry about choosing between any CPU just yet. So relax.
  18. Yeah, I missed the not upgrading until the end of the summer part. Just wait until Conroe is being reviewed by third parties and is retail. Even though you might not be able to buy it until Q4 or end of Q3, you can make that decision when the time comes. Many changes are afoot.
  19. thx, i found a preview benchmark and to be honest im not mutch impressed a Intels pentium D 3.7 extreme was working relatively close to a duo 2.8 (ok i mean ghz wise im in very impressed)but i mean i was opting betwean those cpus like d 950 model and the 2.1 ghz duo model, (for now im not really into spending more than 230/250ish on a cpu, and these go for 224 (will go) the next ones (steup up )will cost 320 or so. :(
    ....but i guess time will tell .....and i think i will definitevly opt for a core duo/ crosfire mobo, not any other (not whithout core duo support).
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