Control 2 Computers With 1 Keyboard, Mouse and Monitor?

Hi here all
I have an old computer,and I bought a new one several days before.Now I want to use the new one to playing games only,and just make the old one into a home theatre.But I hate too much equipments around my room,so I need a device for control 2 computers with 1 keyboard, mouse and monitor.and I found one in the internet:

Is here anybody know about it,or is it siut me in my situation now?
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  1. That should do the trick for you. Don't know if it comes with any extra features or anything like the more advanced KVM's, but if all you wanna do is control 2 comp's that's the thing.
  2. Agreed, that's the ticket. Some other things you may want to look for are:

    Does the KVM switch come with an USB functionality?

    Does it have Audio hookups?

    It seems like the one you pictured has the bare minimum for connectivity, but if that's all you need, then there ya go.
  3. That looks great if you have a PS/2 keyboard and mouse... a lot of people have USB mice and keyboards however.
  4. Most cheaper KVM switches do not have USB ports built into them or use USB to attach the Keyboard and Mouse. I have an 8 port Linksys and it uses PS2.

    For one with USB look at a company called Raritan. They make some of the best KVMs out there but they do cost a little more. You get what you pay for.

    I would spend a little more money on a KVM than $20 though. A crappy one is going to give you a crappy screen display and possibly cause other issues such as slow passthrough of mice and keyboard inputs. The Linksys I have isn't top of the line but it works flawlessy and the computer doesn't even know its there. It doesn't degrade the video signal at all. The only issue to look out for with Linksys and I'm sure others is that they use a proprietary cable.
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