Under estimated overclocking! A8N-SLI Config / 3000+ @ 2.6

Hopefully, this configuration may help someone.

System specs:

AMD Athlon 64 3000+ (Venice Core)
Asus A8N-SLI Motherboard (w/ Original Bios Version)
2x512MB Generic Ram ( 3-4-4-8 ) (DDR 400)
Antec SP 2.0 PSU (400w)
1 BFG 6600GT OC 128MB PCI-E

I have this installed in a small generic case, no system fans & no side panel.
I have it overclocked from 1.8 GHZ to 2.6 GHZ without errors or problems.


CPU Frequency = 189MHZ
PCI-E = 100MHZ
DDR Voltage = Auto
CPU Voltage = Auto
CPU Multiplier = x9

Ram = DDR266

Make sure your HTT Frequency (Hyper transport) is set to 3x,
maybe 4x max)

My temps are idle at CPU 30c/MB 30c [Sometimes less for both]
Room temperature is between 10c-20c

For those wishing to get a board that doesn't support SLI, I recommend:

;-) :wink:
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  1. 1.8 to 2.6 is a pretty good overclock, and the chip is only $100.
  2. Very nice. I got a 2.5ghz overclock with a similar setup but didn't change the HTT frequence - so will try that when i get home. Thanks for the setup.
  3. Nice! :D
  4. well im sorry to break it to you but unless you live in canada or alaska your ambient room temps will never reach 10C in june according to the national weather service that would be 50F and last time i checked A/C dont go that low unless you have TEC Vapor cooling or chilled water. 20C ambient is closer that would be 68.2F. and in that case you do get down to 10C ambient....break out that parka cause you cant sit at a pc for long in them ambient temps without death.
  5. Regardless of the room temps, just get a better heatsink for your processor. Stock AMD heatsinks are already damn good, and before i got my 3700 i had a 3000 and i had it around 2.5 with an ambient room temperature of about 23C. I had a zalman heatsink on it though, it managed to keep it rather cool under the conditions. Anyways, if your overclock isnt holding up that great due to temps, try an aftermarket heatsink.
  6. Actually, I do live in Canada. :wink:

    And the room is seems warm enough, even thought it may be 10c to 20c.
    As for A/C? The only A/C needed around here is in the car. I honestly can't think of anyone who has A/C installed in their homes.

    But my temps are not whats holding me back, I think it may be the PSU...Not sure, and not interested....LOL :lol:

    Don't forget, HTT multiplier seems to be the biggest problem for most. 3x is a safe bet (Up to 300Mhz)

    Note: Its 10:56pm and its 4c outside.... :lol:
  7. i dont know which part of Canada you live in... probably sumwhere close to the territories... cause right here...

    in TORONTO, yes, i mean TDOT... last week, we hit a high of 33.7 celcisus... if we dont need a/c... we'd be overheated and dead.

    just because you live in a rural area, doesnt mean pple do the same thing as you

    and yes, everyone here in TORONTO has a/c... they arent retarded yet
  8. nice overclock!bringing your processor to almost match FX-55.
    well, i have my budget sempron palermo 2500(1.4GHz) overclock all the way to 2.0GHz with no problems and stable. i could have make it higher(2.5GHz) but my mobo limits me, it is a damn poor overclocking mobo. without any option to raise core voltage and chipset voltage.
  9. Please post benchies ^_^ SuperPi .. anything :-)
  10. interesting... I will give this way a shot.
  11. i have overeclocked it 2.7 Ghz (300 * 9) and runs without any problems on Stock Heatsink, i once did reach 2.790 (310 * 9 ) by upping the voltage but it was only for 5 mins and then bsod and restart.
  12. I did live in Toronto for a brief while...the T., and you definitely need A/C there...My god, i'd have it hooked up the the cpu...lol...But i am in an atlantic province, surrounded by water...so the conditions are pretty good for computing.

    BTW, Nice work there krishcool....
  13. what vcore are u using, i had to use 1.55v to get my 3000+ stable at 2.6
  14. As stated in the first posted, I left it on auto, but I think it did hover arount 1.5-1.55v.
  15. those are some nice clocks... ive got my venice 3000+ at 2.6 and can run it fine at 2.75-2.8 but summer forget about it/.. Australia is was to hot. last christmas my brothers ipod overheated.. coz the temp inside was 40c without anycooling.. the operating temp of it was like upper 30c's

    but the problem is the a8n-sli cant go to high on vcore...
  16. my mobo doesnt have any HTT multiplier settings that i can adjust or maby i cant find it. i have +3700 ITS AT 1.6V auto. oced from 2.4 to 2.6
  17. Mine is in my sig! The marvelous thing is, I have a generic 450W PSU, a stupid blue crap! ^^
    It's holding pretty well, until now... It's starting to fail, but a new one is arriving in few days! :D
    PSU aside, I tried to get 2.7 GHz, with 1.55V, but the PSU couldn't keep up, and got BSOD right after entering WinXP... :?
    Anyway, at 2.6 GHz, I must say it has "almost" the same power a FX-55 has, because the lack of 512k of L2 cache :cry:
  18. Nice going there....My god that must be toasty...overheating an iPod....lol

    and multi, hope you get a new PSU so I can see that OC increase... :wink:
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