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I was given a dual xeon 2.4gHz blade (from Racksaver) with 1gig DDR ram. This is on an extended ATX mobo. The blades are basically sheets of aluminum with computer parts stuck onto them, so I need to buy a case.

I already have a good machine at home for gaming and general use (3.6gHz Nvidia 6800GT, 1G ram, 500G HD), so I would like to use this for something different.

Ideally I would use it for a media box, but I cant seem to find any small form factor dual xeon mobos.

I could also purchase an eATX case and move the works into that thing, but they are huge. This needs to go in my home in a pretty confined space.

I could also just use 1 of the processors, but again, I cant seem to find any small form factor (mATX?) mobos for even single xeon processors.

Lastly, I think I could buy an ATX mobo that supports dual xeons and buy the case and everything for that. But then this is spending a fair amount of money for not much advantage in size over the eATX case (I think).

I would really like to utilize this free stuff in the smallest form factor I can.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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  1. There are some relatively cheap rackmount chassis available like this NORCO RPC-910 Black Steel 4U Rackmount Chassis for $113 shipped.
    Although it only moves the bulk from a tall vertical tower to a long horizontal case... it may work for you.
    Difficult to say w/o knowing all the details...
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