hidden bios settings for memory timings on GB8N-SLI

Hi all,

Just had an email back from Gigabyte and apparently there is a hidden setting on the 8N-SLI bios that allows you too set the memory timings (I dont remember seeing this in the manual)

so I thought I would share the info with you all
If you press CTRL+F1 on the main bios screen it switches to Expert mode and when you go into M.I.T options there are memory timing features.

anyway hope this helps people out :)
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  1. DUDE. Thanks, I was wondering why I couldn't see that in the bios. Seriously, I'm set to 5-5-5-15 and I KNOW there's room for improvement there.

    Since I'm in Screenshot mode, I'll take a few pics :)
  2. OK. Thanks again, Snakegb. Here's some screens:

    Before Ctrl-F1:

    After: Notice the "Top Performance" option.. This is an 'enable/disable option and is not documented so I didn't mess with it.. yet.

    Before in M.I.T. (Mobo Intelligent Tweaker-haha yeah right it's just me):


    After (more):

    Attempting a "modest" change (maybe):

    Crossing fingers:

    Not to be. Posted, read the clock speed and memory count, then rebooted in an endless cycle, so...

    I had to clear the bios and start over. Lesson learned? Testbenchdude needs to learn how to OC memory. :)
  3. Thanks for the tip snakegb, I dont have the board this thread refered to but thought I'd try it on my Gigabyte 8vm800pdm-775 , to my delight, it worked on my board, and probably others also. I was able to adjust memory timings and play with lots of other important looking settings that i'd never seen before. Thanks
  4. Not all boards have that menu locked by default. My Asus board lets me adjust timings and other overclocking settings right from the normal menu. I guess Gigabyte wanted some extra safety for its users...Asus just doesn't care...
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