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Does it matter if I leave the EAX option on in my cards settings while at the same time I select the EAX option to on in a game ? I thought I read somewhere that it said that you weren't supposed to do that.
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  1. Are you talking about the different effects on the EAX console? Obviously that will affect the sonic waveform coming from games. Whether to do that or not? It's your preference. Unless you like someone telling you what to do.
  2. Astral's right and beware, if you turn on EAX enviroments in the Creative Audio Console, etc. you're altering the EAX support coming from the game IF you forget to switch to Game Mode in the CAC (X-Fi). For instance, the game will be set, of course, for you to hear foot steps coming up from behind you, or to hear the stream's water running in a certain way with it's EAX affects...if you turn on EAX in CAC, you'll be adding "StoneHall" or "Theater" or "Jazz Club" to those in-game effects EAX effects.

    Now, I'd imagine the X-Fi and Audigy 4 can do that without noticable distortion or sound artifacts, but its up to you whether or not that colllage of effects is something you'd enjoy.

    If you do switch to Game Mode in CAC, all the above is null and void, Game Mode is simply allowing your card to process the game's EAX effects.
  3. Yup, whats been said pretty much covers it all.

    Put simply,the EAX settings in the cards drivers cover the effects applied to EVERYTHING that comesout of the card, whereas the games settings ONLY apply to every sound the game itself produces.

    I would leave the card settings well alone, and just use the ingame EAX. Far simpler, and it wouldnt end up sounding like a cat trying to crap out of a sewn up bum :D
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