Sata external enclosure to usb not working

Hello, i have a hard drive, western digital caviar SE, the model is WD2500JS.

I need to use it on my laptop so i bought one hard drive external enclosure from compusa, the model its sku333111, support sata 1 up to 320GB

Im using windows xp on a dell laptop.
When i installed the hard drive on the enclosure and connected it to the usb port it recognize the enclosure and the hard drive, but it doesnt appear when i open "my computer" i only can see the laptop hard drive and the cd rom, but it appear in "control panel / System / hardware / device manager / disk drives", appears as : "WDC WD25 WD-WDMANY1272996 USB device"
Its anything i can do to make it work?
By the way, i didnt install any sata drive, the manual said i only need drives if im installing on win98, but i guess its talking about usb drivers instead of sata drivers
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  1. you need to partition the disk. Maxtor has a good tool on their webstite that will allow you to do that (maxblast or maxdata or somthing like that). i'm sure that wd has a similar solution (and the maxtor one should work too)
  2. Sorry, forgot to put that...
    The disk has already a partition and information on it.
    It was the second hard drive in another computer i had.
    Thanks for the answer a anyway
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