Geforce 6100 vs. Nforce 4

I'm about to buy new computers for a gamecenter.
They would be used for gaming mainly.
I don't care about overclocking.
I do care about performance and stability.
I would be using a 7600GT video card.
I'm looking for a good cheap motherboard.

For what I've seen, the performance of the Nforce 4 and the 6100 is the same.
The 6100 has Sata II, and integrated video (video that i won't be using. :D )

I'm comparing the Nforce 4 (not ultra or sli), cause those two have features that I don't need and they are more expensive.
(In 70 computers every dollar counts)

Thanks in advance!
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  1. There is no significant difference in speed between the 6100 and nF4 chipsets. The 6100 and 6150 boards are all microATX. Use 1GB of value-ram (2x512). Consider these choices:

    EpoX EP-9NPA7I 939 nF4 ATX $65+7 6/06

    Asus A8N-VM 939 microATX nF6100/410 $67+7 6/06

    Foxconn 6100K8MA-RS 939 microATX nF6100/410 $59+7 6/06

    The Asus is a known, stable mobo that's widely used in SOHO systems.
    Foxconn is a lesser known brand that supplies many OEMs.
    The EpoX in nF4Ultra form is widely used reliably by budget overclockers.

    I believe that all 3 of these are good candidates. Google for reviews any that interest you, but info may be hard to get. Most people who use these boards don't know they have them.

    The most likely culprits for instability in the boxes you build will be the quality of the power-supplies used and the cooling effectiveness.
    I highly recommend adding a cheap intake fan in front of the HDD on the cases you use, and consider the following high-value PSUs:

    FSP AX400-PN 400watt 12v:18+16a PSU 20+4pin $42+9 6/06
  2. Get the cheaper of the two.
  3. i personally Own a Biostar 6100 M7 - socket 754

    dont mean to correct you over a small thing Newf - but the socket 754 can take up to 2gig of memory in it's 2 banks

    the Socket 939 has 4 memory slots - im not sure but i think the max is also 2gig @ PC3200

    i must say im totally happy with the motherboard performance wise

    no stability issues and runs Debian 3.1 testing, just ducky i also have installed XP and W2k for the fun of it, though both dont currently reside on my system

    hope this helps in some small way
    got my Biostar 6100 at newegg for $60
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