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I have had no ex[erience whatsoever with ADSL and it just became available in my area (I live in Australia). What i wanted to do was setup my current Network so that all the computers could get to the internet without the need for a server type computer (My ISP says i could use Internet Connection Sharing but that would require the main computer to be turned on in order to let the others get to the internet). I dont even know if this is possible at all but im sure i have heard of being able to do it.

What i wanted to know is what i would need to be able to do this, i ahvent actually got ADSL yet but i am definately going to get it and would like to know how to set it up srtraight away.

I dont even know the exact way it works, i am assuming that if you had a single computer, the phone line would plug into the ADSL router, then the router would be connected to the single computer via a network cable running from the router to a NIC. Is this right?

I have seen an ADSL router down in here in australia which has 4 ethernet ports, if i bought this ADSL Router, it is a D-Link, plugged my computers into this router would they all get access to the internet without the need for a main computer to be turned on?

Also i was wondering if i bought a cheaper ADSL modem, instead of plugging the ADSL Modem into the computer, If i plugged the ADSL Modem into my Current 10/100 Switch, would this also work.

If none of the things i have suggested above will work, does anyone know a way to do it so that i don't have to use Internet Connection Sharing.

Thanks for your time sorry about the long spiel.

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  1. Also i was wondering if it easy to setup ADSL to actually get onto the internet as the compnay offers no technical supprt for this modem, they acknowledge that it will work without any troubles at all on there system but that they will not be able to help me out if i cant get it working. If it is hard to setup a connection then i will have to go with one of thier supported ADSL Modems, i know my way around a computer pretty well i have been working on them for over 10 yrs but i dont have all that much networking experience, i have setup my own little network and know my way around that, how much harder is it, is it just a matter of picking the settings right which they send out and typping in your username and password or is it harder than that.

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  2. The ADSL Modem/Router i am looking at is the DLink DSL-504

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  3. A router is exactly what you are looking for. I am not sure whether a router with a modem would be the best option. Usually the ISP's give good deals on modems (we just got one for 99 cents here in the US). If it's cheaper with a router without a modem and getting the modem from the isp, I would prefer to get a router only, but go for whatever is cheapest/most convenient.


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  4. Well, as Dev has said it u need a router.

    A "router" can be a specialised device or as well a computer which runs routing software. If u have a not used low end machine, that will do it, and u dont have to spend a cent on a router. Of course if u chose to buy a Router then u dont have to install/configure its os/software (well, not as much as for example a linux).

    There is two tipe of Routers to share your adsl/cable connection, one which require an additional adsl modem, and one which doesnt. But booth of them is same in that way, u can attach them to your Ethernet network (some versions even come with a built in switch). These routers runs NAT so, any computer connecting to them can acces the internet.
    But be warned, the ones without the need of additional dsl modem costs much-much more... If you are given a modem by your isp, then i suggest u to use the cheaper option, provided u dont have a serious reason not to do so.

    Well, as for connecting the devices, if u have a switch already, u can simply connect the router to your switch, and woila, evrithing works. And if u want to connect your ADSL Modem to the switch, that will work also, but then u have 2 option to chose if u want to connect to the net:
    1: u run your own router (a pc in this case), which will connect only to the modem, and the pc will give NAT service to the other computers on the network (of course the router pc must be powered on all the time)
    2: u can connect with PPPoE driver (in most cases) directly to the dsl modem from any computer. But be warned, usualy the EULA wont allow multiple connections (this kind of connections!) in the same time, for the home users. So this means if your ISP allows it, you can connect with multiple computers to the dsl modem (i can connect to MY modem with 3 computers in the same time, in your case its can be different) without another device. Of course the summarised speed will be the what you paid for.

    And finaly about that D-link. Well each router offers different kind and variaty of service (firewall, DMs, port forwardings, etc), its up to u to decide waht you NEED, and what u can AFFORD to buy. Check a lot of device, maybe there is one which cheap and meets your requirements. Usualy the cheapest solutions will do it.

    Well, have fun with your dsl ;)
  5. You dont get anything for fre when it comes to internet down here in Australia. They want $310 for a D-Link Modem-DSL 300+, now i can get the D-Link Modem–DSL 504 which is the modem/router/4 port switch for $340 from a local store so it wouldn't cost that much more at all to go with this option.

    My main problem is that i'm not all that confident i will be able to get it all working properly, the ADSL provider down here will provide me with instructions of how to set it all up and get it working for thier approved modems but not for there non-approved modems, so what i basically wanted to know is, if i get the D-Link Modem–DSL 504, should it just be a matter of putting the settings they give me into the modem, and then plugging in my PC's to the built in switch, and, voila, instant internet access.

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  6. Holy crap, thats sure exppensive... Here with 1 year contract u got the modem for free....true, not a d-link, but a siemens.

    Well, since booth device comes from the same manufacturer ther should not be any problem installing it. If the difference in price is only $30 then definietly go with the router.
  7. Thanks for all your help guys, i was just wondering what all you guys payed for your ADSL in your different parts of the worls, i know that we get majorly ripped off down here in Australia, I have to pay $70 per month for 512/128 ADSL, which includes 6GB of peak, and 6GB of offpeak(midnight-7AM).

    What about you guys.

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