Troubles with my graphics or something

Hello everyone!

I want to know if someone can help me? I bought this new screencard NVIDIA GeForce 6600 GT (Chaintech) and it keeps freezing my computer. Everything runs fine in Windows XP, but as soon as it has to render graphics like 3Dmark and Games it freezes! I also removed the screencard and played with my onboard screencard and gave me no trouble! If anyone can help me,i would appreciate it alot!
This is my specs:
Intel Pentium® 4 3.0 GHz
512 DDR 400
D915GAG Motherboard
LG Studioworks / Hisync 700S Screen
Microsoft XP Service Pack 2
120 Gig Seagate HD IDE
NVIDIA GeForce 6600 GT (Chaintech) PCIE

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  1. What is the temperature of the video card when you are trying to run the game? Do you get an error screen at all (blue screen of death)?
  2. I don't get anything at all!!! It freezes and then i must reset my pc!! Sometimes when it freezez num lock is still working if that counts for something! and how do i know what is the temp of the Screencard?
  3. Try installing a different set of drivers for the graphics card and see if that makes a difference.
  4. doesnt make a diff! It sometimes freezes in the startup screen and i doubt that drivers may have something to do with that! Thanx anyway
  5. Quote:
    ...I also removed the screencard and played with my onboard screencard and gave me no trouble...

    Did you disable the onboard video in the BIOS after installing the video card?
  6. yip i did that
  7. if you can get into your system maybe see if there are any kind of error logs. also for checking the temp there usually a section in the nvidia driver panel.

    Maybe try running memtest86. (you never know)
  8. There are problems with the 6600gt driver bug you need to use this driver.
  9. I dont know what your card looks like
    but does it have a HEATSINK? if not then thas probably why or if so does it have a working FAN? if not RMA it or MOD her up!!!
  10. It could be the PSU, my old rig with an X800XT card used to randomly freeze when playing games etc, i then replaced the crappy Q-Tec PSU with a Hiper Type R one and it works fine now :)
  11. Definetly sounds like you powr supply. My friend put a 6800gt into his dell, needless to say his 250watt power suplly couldn't handle the extra strain.
  12. hi,

    I had that problem to, because of the hot weather here now (Holland :twisted: ) with my G6600. It froze and I had to reset my pc, it did it every time. But I had OC'ed it to 550/550 (stock 300/500). It was overheating. Reduced the OC to 500/500 and it runs perfect again.

    So probably you have to improve your air flow in your case (if it isnt good now), or buy aftermarket cooling.

    Hopefully this post was a bit usefull.

  13. hi
    please check 3 things the power support, drivers , cooling .i think that should solve the problem . try running the pc whit an open cabinet to increase air flow and may be ur problem will go off .do put your solution up here
  14. First thing I'd try is cooling. Open the case up, and if you have a big box fan sitting around, blow it on the system and see if that makes any difference. If not, heat is probably not an issue. At that point I'd try some different drivers, direct from the nVidia website. If that doesn't work, I'd opt for a new power supply. In any case, I would make sure I had the latest BIOS for my motherboard.
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