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Are there any soundcards that have a component output so that I can plug it up to my stereo, I have a nice surround sound system in my room, and would love to play games on it, but I don't feel like buying a set of surround sound computer speakers just for that. It seems surprising that it's not easier to find, does it exist?
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  1. That's why most cards and boards have coax and optical SPDIF, if you don't have a stereo that supports that, any 2 channel sound card can handle pro logic if your stereo can. 5.1 channel either way. If your idea of component out is low level outputs for each channel, that's what most support, 2 channels per connector, 3 connectors or more on the cards just use an 1/8" stereo to rca adapter cable from Radio Shock.

    Maybe you need to explain more accurately what you mean.
  2. you dont have to look into either of these, but you can find cards that offer Dolby Digital Live encoding, also called DDL ('x-mystique' and 'montego ddl' for example)... or the DTS-610 interconnect, which is an external box inbetween the multichannel outs of your sound card, and your receiver... both offer 5.1 multichannel digital encoding, which can usually allow for more control over your sound on your receiver via the digital connection (also allowing you to matrix up to 6.1 or more channels, if your receiver supports DD EX or DTS ES)
  3. I have no clue what either of youll just said :(. I have a stereo that has a white and red plug in on the back, and I was looking for a sound card that had a red and white output in the back.

    Sorry for my primitave english =P.
  4. ...sorry :(... what Michaelahess was saying should work just fine, just need to find some y-cable adapters, should be able to find them at radio shack like he said...

    you should be able to find something similar to this adapter:
  5. Quote:
    I have no clue what either of youll just said :(. I have a stereo that has a white and red plug in on the back, and I was looking for a sound card that had a red and white output in the back.

    Sorry for my primitave english =P.

    That's alright, since I'm a caveman makes sense to me. :D Its sounds like your stereo might have RCA inputs...those little red and white connectors. If your sound card doesn't have similar looking outputs it likely has 1/8" stereo minijacks. You can easily get a cable for this @ Radio Shack.

    Tell them that you need an 1/8" stereo minijack to-stereo-RCA-male cable and you should be good to go. OR if you already have a cable with 1/8" stereo minijack male connectors on both ends then you'll just need a 1/8" stereo minijack female-to-RCA-stereo-male adapter.

    ...or to make it even simpler you could just tell them you want a cable to hook up your iPod to your stereo...from your iPod's headphone jack...
  6. Go to your local supermarket, that one isle that has cables and adapter in it will probably have a 3-foot stereo minijack to two (left and right) RCA cable. These became popular in the 1980's when people who couldn't afford a home CD player would connect their portable CD players to a home stereo, and have been in most stores that carry any cables ever since.
  7. I'd love to have a grocery store that sells Hi-Fi gear! Ha. Here, on the East Coast (USA) you have to hit an electronics store (or go online) to get anything with any quality. 8O
  8. Actually the East Coast is the only place left that has real audio shops. Everything in the West Coast has been turned into retail mass market or a few Magnolias with poor salespeople. At least you guys have the Tweeters and retail dealers.
  9. Ah, the cables I speak of aren't quality...but yes, a supermarket in most of the midwest is just a bigger version of the old "general store", mostly groceries, partly general supplies.
  10. Ha. I'm lucky if they have a AAA battery at our supermarkets. ...but I know what you mean. Hopefully, by now he's got the cable we speak of.
  11. Speaking of Tweeter, ...yesterday when I stopped by to check on some products a bizarre episode took place.... My wallet wiggled out of my back pocket... and gently began to levitate in place, and then floated over to a where a nice B&K amp was sitting. The sales person and I just stood there with our mouths rather open. ...then my wallet floated back over to me, gently turned over, snapped open and softly began to partially eject several credit cards, and made this wisping noise.

    I couldn't believe it! ...and was truly embarrassed. Since they didn't have what I was looking for anyways I quickly departed, face red. I've talked to that wallet before about this kind of behavior. Simply not acceptable. :evil:
  12. As for levitation, I'll believe it when I see it :lol:
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