dual power supplies?

can it be possible to use 1 power supplie for mobo proc mem hard drives dvd drives any thing else and get a like a 300w one for vid cards and jump the main connector on that power supplie so it goes on? i was just thinking about it...it seems like it would work but u cant get a sli 300w ps. This would be cheaper i think then to get a huge 650w one....
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  1. absolultely.. here's my story
  2. that sums it up
  3. haha thats pretty freaking awsome....
  4. doolittle said:
    absolultely.. here's my story

    So you had no problem using the secondary/slave power supply to run your video card. I've been considering this with a couple of power supplies that have enough wattage, but not enough amps on the 12V rail to run my 'new' 8800GT OC2. Also wondering if I could use power from both rather than just one. Someone somewhere said something about risks and the power supplies having a common ground.

    Also, how did you connect the 14 to 14 and ground to ground? Did you short the power good pins on the slave?
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