Doing upgrade! What do you think?

Its time for me to upgrade my video card, but to do that I need a new mobo and psu. Im going to be upgrading from Asus A8V Deluxe mobo, x800xt agp video card and a 470w psu. I am buying a DFI ultra-D mobo, evga 7900gt superclocked PCI-e video card, and a hiper 580W psu. I have a 4400+ that Im going to put into the DFI board, and 2 gigs OCZ GOLD GX XTC PC4000. I do have 2 more gigs of the ocz that I can also put in "4 X 1gig". Dont know how well that will run. What do you think? I do plan on overclocking this rig, but not a big time overclock. 2.4ghz - 2.5ghz. I did not buy the parts yet, but will on monday!
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  1. Thats what I thought about the 4 gigs of ram. I just dont know what to do with the other 2 gigs. Right now the ram is just sitting on my desk getting full of dust! maybe Ill just have to build another computer! :lol: What do you think of the PSU? I will also have 4sata hard drives, 2 dvd burners, sound card, and tv card.
  2. Too early to upgrade now, wait till the GeForce 8 series card thats coming out this year, its gonna cost( a 8800GTX?) as much as a 7900GTX when it came out, so save some serious sh*t($$$) and buy one later this year. Or wait till next year for the Radeon X2??? from ATI, if you cannot wait, I recommend a 7600GT, it should last you nice, its damn a lot faster than a 6800 Ultra.
  3. I ordered my parts on sat, and was woundering if I need to flash my bios on my mobo for my x2 or can I put the chip in and then do a flash?
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